“Who’s this Gatsby?”

One of my all time favorite books was re-made for the 4th time into a movie.

The Great Gatsby.

As a very huge fan of everything 1920s, I’m so excited to see this movie. I’ve posted previously about 1920s weddings, so today, I’m writing about anything 20s related, mainly, Gatsby themed.

Look at this illustration from the 1920s. How fabulous. I tried on a dress from the 1920s in a   vintage shop that looked almost exactly like this.
These other fashion illustrations are great as well.

How how about this art deco style wedding cake? If you’re having a Gatsby/1920s themed wedding or even party, this cake would be perfect! It’s almost too pretty to eat though. I wouldn’t want to cut into it!

This wedding invitation would go along perfectly with the cake above.
 I’m totally drooling over this invitation. And this setting is styled to match this invitation. I love when they have everything matching.

I’m also loving all the fashion that is coming out of this Gatsby remake.

I hope this leaves you feeling excited to see the movie. Or happy that you already saw it. I know i’m super excited to see it. And hopefully it gives you some inspiration for your wedding, or a party you’re going to throw!