Whimsical Watercolor

There is something about the effortless beauty of watercolor. It has a sort of refined yet hand-drawn look that has become a very popular look in invites of all kinds. It can be used to illustrate almost any style from floral to nautical to the ombre gradient.

Featured Above: Julie Song Ink – Below: One Charming Party

Featured Below: Julie Song Ink

Watercolor is a natural pairing for nautical themed invitations. The look of watercolor echoes the feel of moving waves with its free flowing and translucent style.

This textured medium can add interest to any illustration whether it be florals or even woodland creatures! Its light feeling adds a playful undertone to this wedding suite.

Watercolors easily blend making for a flawless transition of color. Whether using shades of the same color family or experimenting with contrast, the ombre look can be easily and effortlessly achieved. It makes a background with the right amount of texture to add interested but not distract from the text often layered on top.