What To Do With Baskets

Whether they come as a gifts or I simply get caught up in the atmosphere of Home Goods, I always seem to accumulate baskets year after year. After talking to my girlfriends though, I was comforted in the fact that I am not the only one with this habit. So what are some practical uses for tons of baskets you ask? Below is a quick list that I’ve made up, of ways to help turn my baskets in to functional household items (and hopefully a tip or two will be able to help you)!

1. Hang them as chalk, pencil, mail – really anything, holders. Just use a simple rod and hooks to accomplish this option!

Featured Above: Home Frosting – Lower Left: Ballard Designs – Lower Right: Bragging Bags

2. Use wire baskets to display other items! The fun thing about wire baskets is that they still show what’s in them. *Tip: These are great for a rustic/vintage look.

Featured Above: Bayanhippohome – Lower Left: The Liberty Cottage – Lower Right: Apartment Therapy

3. Use them for storage! From art supplies to toys, baskets can easily be used for storage. I particularly like the ones with lids. That way I can slide or stack them neatly in to shelves for more space.