We Heart Valentine’s Day

Above Left: Pinterest – Above Right: bhg

Crafts and Cards

This Valentine’s Day make a card for those that are special in your life. Everyone loves to get mail and with all these cute craft ideas you can truly create something that will make their day!

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Home Decor

Make a holiday out of the most romantic day of the year with cute touches of pink and red around your home. Have fun with easy crafts such as a garland made by simply stringing paper doilies.

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Something Sweet

Make something special for your chocolate lover like chocolate cupcakes and Valentine’s Day milk or chocolate dipped pretzels sprinkled with tiny hearts to show them that you care.

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Personalized Gifts

Traditionally this day is all about roses, chocolate, and jewelry (if you’re lucky). But for those of us who enjoy the crafty things in life, there are plenty of easy options! Sharpie markers provide endless possibilities for making something personal for that special someone. Try baking a sharpie design on a ceramic mug or doodling on sneakers or clothing for something clever that they’ll treasure forever!