Vintage Hair

I’ve had short hair for about 2, almost 3 years now. I’m getting to the point where I want long hair now, so I’ve started growing it out. Let me tell you, it’s hard.

I want to grow it out, because, at the heart of it, I believe I was born in the wrong era. I love everything vintage. Especially vintage hair-dos. I am motivating myself by looking at vintage hair ads, and vintage packaging for hair products. Take a look at these fabulous packages. The use of type and the design of everything is also to swoon over.

I also found an illustration of women from the 1920s with their perfect finger waves. I absolutely adore finger waves. I think they’re spectacular.

Oh and these ads! Even though they are from the 1920s, they are still working! I want these haircuts!

I’m falling in love with all of these old ads I’m finding. Its making me inspired to create more things as well. The design of it all and the use of typography is just fantastic.

I hope this brings some inspiration to you, whatever it might be.