Tips For Travel

Traveling to South Beach Miami this week inspired me in so many ways. Aside from the fabulous shopping and warm weather, I realized that the last thing I wanted to worry about was packing. Luckily, I have some quick tips that I live by that help take away the unnecessary┬ástress (especially if you’re trying to not get charged for the heavy bag fee)!

1. Lay out everything that you think you want to take. Then visualize your week and make sure that you don’t have 10 shirts for 5 days that you’re actually there.

Above: The Clothes Wisperer – Lower Left: Sammsterr Images – Lower Right: Green Home Living

2. Make sure you have the right size suitcase for your trip – and allow space for a few extra things that you might pick up during the week! *Tip: Rolling clothes is also a great way to save space and keep things wrinkle-free.

Above: Viva Full House Blogspot

3. If you have a suitcase with straps and sections, use them. These ase essential for keeping things neat – especially if you have shampoos and lotions that could potentially spill on your clothes. *Tip: Fold your clothes (even if they are dirty on the trip home). It will keep your suitcase lighter and can help you avoid paying any extra fees for the new things that you got on your trip.

Hope these tips help you with any future travels. And of course, don’t forget to HAVE FUN!