It’s Announcement Time!

Bling! Bling, everywhere! That’s engagement season! Well all of this sparkle leads to the next step: announcements! We love wedding announcements that put engagement session photography to use, so put some thought in to these photos. The right shot always makes the perfect announcement! It’s a super simple, yet personal look. Plus, you get to keep showing off that ring! Here’s a few of our favorite engagement photo poses!

Featured Below: Pinterest User


How cute!

Featured Below: Pinterest User


Go simple with a cute selfie!

Featured Below: Brit + Co


As Starbucks lovers, we’re obsessed with this announcement idea!

Featured Below: Fantasy Wedding


Cards and signage make for adorable engagement photos!

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Friday Introductions: Terri Eaves of Bash

Today we are introducing you to Terri Eaves, the owner of Bash, a DC based event production firm. Keep reading for some great tips for planning your wedding, plus a glimpse at how beautiful some of her events have been! 


Photo courtesy of Sweet Tea Photography.

The Dandelion Patch: Does Bash have a specialty? How do you differentiate yourself from other planners?     

Terri Eaves: We want to create the unexpected. With all weddings there is a bit of formality and continuity. However, we really want to create something your guests don’t expect – whether it’s an aerial trapeze artist during cocktail hour, that occurs before the ceremony, or champagne toasts during the nuptials.

We also work with and have a lot of experience with corporate and non-profit clients. We are well versed in a variety of personalities and curves thrown our way. We learn at every event and then apply it to the next one to make sure we are always staying on top of our game.


The Dandelion Patch: What tips do you have for a couple who recently got engaged?

Terri Eaves: First, celebrate! Enjoy a night out with family and/or friends, or just each other – go to your favorite restaurant, pop open a bottle of champagne and look forward to the life you are about to begin with each other.

The second thing is to determine the budget and style of wedding you want. Is it at home, at a hotel, is it formal or more casual?

 Then, hire a wedding planner! Any client of ours will tell you that we were worth our weight in gold. We’ll help you create the vision you have and bring together the expert team of vendors to make it happen, all while keeping you happy and stress free!


The Dandelion Patch: What is the most important thing a couple can tell you about their vision?

The most important thing a couple can tell me, is what they don’t like or want! I know it sounds crazy, but it’s always helpful to know what a client really dislikes. That way, I make sure that vendors (myself included) stay away from colors, food, etc., that might turn the client it off. It’s also so helpful when clients have a firm opinion on something. If a client isn’t able to make a decision or is indifferent, I always find they have an opinion later and no one wants to find out that they are unhappy because they didn’t speak up beforehand.


The Dandelion Patch: What are common mistakes you see couples making when planning their weddings?

Terri Eaves: We often see couples who are taking into account, too much of everyone else’s opinion. Whether it’s a parent who doesn’t like the entree or a maid of honor who doesn’t like the linen. Even if they are having help paying for some or all of it, try not to stress out the couple. There are so many decisions to be made and even with a planner, these things can make it hard on a client.


The Dandelion Patch: How did you get started as an event planner? Do you have a favorite memory from your wedding planning experiences?

Terri Eaves: In college I was my sorority’s social chair. I graduated with a degree in art (emphasis in Graphic Design), but something events were calling my name. Upon graduating, I got a job with a company where we planned corporate events. A few years later I went out on my own!

My favorite memory with any wedding is when I really start to click with and become a part of the client’s family. I can usually always pinpoint when I’m no longer just their planner, but really a friend.


The Dandelion Patch: Please share a fun fact about yourself. 

I buy everything online – home decor, clothes, etc. Whenever someone asks my daughter where her outfit or shoes are from, she tells them “the mailman got them for me”!

How stunning are those wedding shots?! And who doesn’t love a little online shopping (or a lot…)? A big thank you to Terri Eaves for being a part of our Friday Introduction series! Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest/Instagram @TheDandelionPatch for more wedding fun and information on our fabulous Patch Partners! 


All other photos courtesy of Nicole Wolf Photography.