Trend Alert: Ring Photography in the Fall

When you’re provided a spectrum of warm color tones as present in the Fall, and there is a wedding to be celebrated somewhere in the near future, what’s left is a plethora of photographic opportunities to capture those intimate moments within the richness of nature! The wedding ring, in particular, holds enough symbolic value to have its own features in every real wedding photography collection. Ultimately, we decided to combine all of these ideas to curate today’s fall season trend post!

Featured Below: Planning It All

Is it just us, or does this picture give off major Cinderella vibes? But then again, why would anyone give up a perfect fairy tale moment?

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

As much as we appreciate pumpkins in size Regular, the cuteness of these little ones really get to you too!

Featured Below: Country House Wedding Venues

If you are more drawn towards the conventional monochromatic scheme of traditional weddings, here’s another way to incorporate this popular fall season motif!

Featured Below: The Tres Chic

Back in ancient Egypt, the ring stood as a symbol for the eternal love of (human) spouses. However, since our bride and groom are not yet present to reflect the wisdom of the old Egyptian sentiment, acorns are all we’ve got.

Featured Below: Etsy

The uneven repetition and distribution of circular forms give way to such an intriguing aesthetic!

Featured Below: United With Love

When the leaves fall off, we put the rings on.

Featured Below: We Heart It

We think you might have caught something pre-tty important there! What are you still waiting for?! Just reel it in already!

Featured Below: Pinterest

Nothing better to represent Autumn than a browning leaf!

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Trend Alert: Here A Mirror, There A Mirror

Whether you want to instate mirrors as your wedding theme or incorporate it simply to add a bit of pizazz to your reception, there certainly is no going wrong with this newfound decor item. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the mirror’s various roles within the wedding sphere – just a couple of ideas for you to reflect on as you plan your own special wedding!

Featured Below: Mike Colón

Snap snap! Spice up your wedding photo shoot by with some major mirror action!

Featured Below: Le Rae Events and Design

With double the number of objects at the centerpiece, you will surely double your guests’ appreciation for your creative planning skills!

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

Write or print on all different sizes of mirrors to add that third dimension to your wedding signage!

Featured Below: Junebug Weddings

This classy little piece could have easily fit in without the bronze adornments, but we think the pearls certainly add to the delicate extravagance of the vintage, antique look!

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

Whether food and drinks are served by your caterers or simply offered buffet-style, a mirror tray is just so much more interesting than the everyday plastic plate. Go vintage with a framed mirror, or keep the sleek simplicity with one as pictured above!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Mirror tables and table tops have lived our their best moments in the evenings – take advantage of the multiplied dancing candlelights and the serenity that soon settles in.

Featured Below: Shan Cunningham Photography

Got a bunch of oddly-shaped mirrors lying around your shed? No? Well, it’s time to get some and position them up as a backdrop for your reception, because look how magical it is to have millions of lights twinkling back!

Featured Below: The Knot

Get some vases made entirely out of mirrors and go have some fun with your guests! Oh, but make sure they don’t over-exert their brains as they speculate over how you’ve managed to make bouquets float in midair!

Featured Below: Inside Weddings

Escort cards for a single wedding day; keepsakes and portable makeup mirrors for the rest of your life! (What a steal!)

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A Lesson in Ring Photography

Happy Monday! Today, we’re giving our lovely brides a few pointers on planning for your photography on the big day! What many brides don’t realize is that it’s important to consider what shots you want before your wedding day. Get on Pinterest and your photographer’s web site and begin thinking about you want now. You can even create a shot list to give your photographer. They’ll really appreciate the detailed help, and you’ll be sure to get what you want. It’s a win-win! Below, you’ll find some ideas for those detail, ring shots:

Featured Below: BeauCoup


As paper lovers, we already reccomend a close-up with your invitation!

Featured Below: Fucci’s Photo


This is your time to get creative – like this awesome shot!

Featured Below: Bridal Guide


If you’ve got a lace-up gown, you’ll definitely want this shot!

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