Holiday Special: Sweet Treats and Spooky Reads

With this spook-taculicious holiday just around the corner, we’re switching gears from wedding trends to a more general topic: party treats! But not just any spooky party treats, either. In preparation for this year’s All Hallows’ Eve, we’ve selected some of our favorite desserts inspired by dark classics in literature. You’ll have your guests chuckling in no time once they see your clever creations!

Featured Below: T.S. Bazelli

Take a sip! Try a bite! Will you grow to be a giant the size of a cottage, or shrink down enough to fit through a teeny-tiny door in the wall?

Featured Below: The Shabby Creek Cottage

Bring the temptation up a notch – now your guests will surely be scrambling to find out what exactly you’ve concocted for them!

Featured Below: Sprinkle Bakes

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a carriage ride with the White Witch in addition to servings of these tasty Turkish Delights.

Featured Below: Laura Moseley

If you’ve come ready with your own additional (personal) ingredients, step right on up and prepare yourself for an interesting night ahead…

Featured Below: Homemaker’s Habitat

Cupcakes make for better desserts than apples, period.

Featured Below: Fluster Buster

Have the Weird Sisters inspired you to “Double, double, toil and trouble” in your own cauldron for this night? Try this “Eye of Newt” punch and tell us what you think!

Featured Below: Catch My Party

Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore” as we continue to commemorate the man behind our favorite dark poems and short stories!

Featured Below: Love It So Much

No one knows why the Frankenstein monster is green, but we’re just going to play along!

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Tuesday Trends: Popsicles

Popsicles are the perfect treat to beat the summer heat, so why not serve them at your summer wedding? Guests will love the snack, and they are a great way to add a pop of color to your desert table. You can also serve cocktail-inspired flavors at a cocktail hour!

Pour some champagne over your favorite flavor of popsicle for a fun twist! You can serve one flavor to add to a unified color scheme, or the guests can pick the flavor they want for an individualized drink.

Featured Below: Conrad NY

Condrad NY

 The glasses you chose can give your wedding decor a sophisticated edge, or a cute and quirky vibe.

Featured Below: The Knot

THe Knot

We can’t resist the beautiful color of these popsicles! You can add almost any flavor and color into your wedding with one of these treats. These are honeydew, cucumber and lime.

Featured Below: Bakers Royale

Bakers Royale

We all know that chocolate covered strawberries are as romantic as it gets, so how about some yummy chocolate covered strawberry popsicles? These are almost too pretty to eat!

Featured Below: Chocolate and Carrots

Chocolate and Carrots

These popsicles are a treat for your eyes too. They are made with edible flowers!

Featured Below: Chew Town

Chew Town

How can anyone resist a quick photo with a delicious popsicle? Don’t these pictures take you back to eating popsicles as a kid?

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

wedding chicks couple

Featured Below: Burnett’s Boards

Burnetts Boards

You can even have a popsicle stand set up to serve your guests their favorite flavor, or a few flavors that you customized. How adorable is this cart? 

Featured Below: Liana Raine

Liana Raine

If you love the idea of a popsicle theme, these cakes (yes, cakes!) can satisfy your sweet tooth just as well.

Featured Below: Studio DIY

Studio DIY

Popsicles are a perfect idea for a wedding, or any summer event. 

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