Palette Patch: A Splash of Coral In the Turquoise Sea

Today’s Palette Patch presents yet another summer favorite wedding color palette: Coral and turquoise! In the past, people have frequently incorporated this color scheme in ceremonies on beachy shores or rustic ranches. Regardless of which setting you choose, these near-complimentary colors are undeniably exhilarating and will surely your leave your guests with vivid memories of this day!

Featured Below: Artfully Wed

Picture this: a single coral carnation, floating calmly in the gentle waves of the sea… Too cheesy? Yeah, well, it still looks too perfect for eating, so no harm done.

Featured Below: The Knot

What’s more fun than being a flower girl at a beach wedding? Getting dolled up in a fancy dress with coral and turquoise ribbons and sashes, duh!

Featured Below: Etsy

These high-saturation hues work wonders in the smallest details of a bridal outfit, aka the jewelry department!

Featured Below: Ruffled

All this bright color in front, above, behind…you’d expect it to be overwhelming, but the massive amount of white and silver is there to provide the satisfying aesthetic balance!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Starfish and burlap seem to be a reoccurring theme when it comes to a coral-and-turquoise combo – and why not? They all look great together!

Featured Below: The Knot

The great thing about cupcakes is that you can get them to easily match any color scheme – all you need is faith, trust, and lots of food coloring!

Featured Below: Elizabeth Friske Photography

Enter the Groom-and-Groomsmen Squad, whose checkered bow ties and necktie pair handsomely with their coral boutonnieres!

Featured Below: Becca Rillo Photography

The bride looks positively radiant as she’s framed by the vibrant coral glow of her ladies!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Or, if you’re one to prefer a more toned-down version of this palette, a light soothing turquoise shade has its own magical way of achieving beauty too!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

These gorgeous bridal kimonos are more than enough to sway us! Who wouldn’t want to bring home one of these as a wedding souvenir?

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Since these are such dramatic hues, we recommend completing the palette with neutralizing tones such as greys, whites, or golds!

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How to: Keep your Honey Gift Favors sweet!

Nothing is as sweet as honey in the summer! Brides are buzzing about this trend of their guests with honey favors in unique containers: jars, sticks, and even test tubes! You can label these favors with sweet phrases like “meant to bee”, “so sweet of you to come!”, or “bee mine”. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for certain: personalizing every bit of your wedding will make your guests feel even more special. Check out some inspiration below!

Featured Below: Huffington Post

How sweet is this setup? We love the rustic romance feel of the crates, handmade sign, and twinkle lights.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Using embroidery floss to attach a honey dipper to your jars can give you another way to incorporate your color palette into the wedding!

Featured Below: The Beauty Dojo

Test tubes are unique and easy for your guests to grab on the way out of your reception.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty


A tiny buzzing bee attached to your jars will give an added bit of whimsy to your favors!

Featured Below: Mod Wedding

These jars and dippers are simple, clean, and delicious!

Featured Below: Kline Honey Bee Farm

Yes, honey sticks are a thing! These tiny sticks are the ideal amount of honey for a bite on the go for your guests.

Featured Below: Ebay

Sweet as can be! Tiny vials of honey are the perfect little snack.

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Theme Thursday: Wild Wild West

Hey lovelies!

I decided to go for a Western theme today! Everyone loves a classic Western film, so why not make your wedding a Western one?! It’s perfect if you love being outside on a farm and getting dirty. So fun and not as much stress over everything going perfectly! It can definitely be a bit more lax.

Featured Below: Rock My Wedding

barn doors

I love these barn-inspired doors!

Featured Below: Etsy

western dress

Go all out with a true Western gown!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

western dress2

Or go with a simple lace gown paired with a cowboy hat! 

Featured Below: Belles and Bubbles


A barn venue makes for easy decorating!

Featured Below: Belles and Bubbles


Make it extra Western by including a horse or two!

Featured Below: Austin Wedding Day

western cake

A cake made for the Wild West!

Featured Below: Etsy

cake stand

The perfect cake stand to go along with it!

Featured Below: Mr Burch Tuxedo Blog


Cute, simple, and still chic!

We absolutely love getting in touch with our Western side! This is the perfect theme if you’ve always been an outdoors person at heart! Strap on some boots and throw on a cowboy hat and send your wedding into the Wild West! For more fun themes and ideas make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!