Monday Funday: Guest Book Ideas

A guest book is the perfect way to be able to look back on your wedding and smile when you remember all of the friends and family who came to celebrate your special day. Today’s Monday Fun-day post is all about creative ways to change up the classic guest book! We found some adorable alternatives that you can display in your house, or save as a keepsake to look back on whenever you want to remember your wedding day. 

A guest book is a great way to add your personality into the wedding decor. This globe is a perfect idea for couples who love to travel, and it’s cute enough to display for years to come!

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Orange Turtle

Another great idea for a globe trotting couple are these postcards! Guests can sign postcards from your honeymoon location, or even postcards from the city the wedding was in. 

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guest book postcards Weddings by Sasha

Have each friend and family member sign a square of fabric at the wedding, and later turn those squares into a beautiful quilt to add the most memorable (and cozy) family heirloom to your new family.

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A Brit and a Blonde

 If you are planning a seaside wedding, have your guests put their well-wishes into a bottle for you and your new spouse to unroll and read later!

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Keepsake Memories Photography

We love the idea of your guests leaving notes on something that you can display in your home for years. Have them write on classic wooden letters that you can hang over your bed, or anywhere you want to be reminded of your wedding. 

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The letters can even do double duty as decor for the wedding day!

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Volatile Photography

These plates are perfect to display in your kitchen, and guests can use a metallic marker to add their words of love and advice to your home.

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Martha Stewart Weddings

One of the most popular trends right now is to include a photo booth at your reception. Ask guests to use the photo booth, or even a Polaroid camera to take a picture of themselves and leave the picture in lieu of a guest book!

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We Heart Photography

The best part of a wedding is the memories that last forever! Let us know how you want to remember your guests and your big day.

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