Bridal Shower Trends

Proposal season has come to a close, meaning bridal showers are popping up left and right! If you’re planning a bridal shower, we’ve got some great ideas for you! Impress your lovely bride-to-be and all her gal pals!

Featured Below: MODwedding


Create a beautiful tulle photo wall for a fun activity with your gals!

Featured Below: Country Living


We love the idea of sharing your engagement shots at the shower!

Featured Below: Thoughtfully Simple


Our Patchettes can create all sorts of fun signs for you!

Featured Below: The Row House Nest


Don’t forget the succulent and greenery trend!

Featured Below: Etsy


Finally, simple color palettes and decor will please any bride!

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5 Tricks to Unforgettable Engagement Photos

Not all engagement photos are created equal. As we enter proposal season we want to share our insider tips on how to make your engagement photos stand out! Say goodbye to cookie-cutter, lifeless pictures and say hello to model-status, blog-worthy portraits.

1) Find a stunning backdrop: A breathtaking view takes your photos to a new level. Love your city? Find a spot that shows off the skyline. Want to make a statement? Set up shop in front of your favorite neighborhood mural/street art.

2) Do something mundane: Sometimes the most touching moments are the things that we do everyday, like drinking our morning coffee or perusing the farmer’s market.

3) …Or go on an adventure: Adventures are inherently romantic. Have your photographer join you as you explore a new city, go to a carnival, or hike the Appalachian Trail!

4) Don’t be afraid to get artistic: It may feel strange to trust your photographer’s artistic instincts, (“Why are you taking a picture of our knees?!”) but just remember that for every few weird/uncomfortable photos, there will be at least one that blows you away with the emotion it captures.

5) Show off something important to you: Maybe you just adopted a puppy together or maybe you both share a love of music. Whatever it is that binds you two together, let it show in your pictures! 

Featured Above: Levi Stolove – Below Left: United With Love – Below Right: Katie Stoops

Featured Above: Mary Boyden – Below Left: 100 Layer Cake – Below Right: Abby Jiu

Featured Above: Our Love is Loud

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– Maggie