10 Signs You’re Addicted To Stationery

1. You pride yourself on your impeccable organizational skills.

Featured Above: String

2. You are probably the only person you know who still uses an agenda.

Featured Above: Lita Leah

3. Your life philosophy: A neatly organized work space makes a WORLD of difference.

Featured Above: Oh Joy

4. And no work space is complete without beautiful notepads, pens, the works.

Featured Above Left: The Dandelion Patch – Above Right: Michelle Phan

5. Don’t even get me started on your business cards.

Featured Above: Oh So Beautiful Paper

6. You collect cute/pretty/funny greeting cards, because you might need them someday…

Featured Above: The Dandelion Patch

7. Your go-to gift for any occasion is personalized stationery.

Featured Above: The Dandelion Patch

8. You even have a Pinterest board dedicated to wedding invitations.

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9. The smell of fresh paper is an aphrodisiac to you.

Featured Above: Demeter

10. Despite everyone saying that paper is a dying medium, you’ll stick by it forever.

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