Monday Funday: Oreo Themed!

Happy Monday everyone, we hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready for a productive work week! So, apparently on March 6th is national Oreo day.  Today for our blog we are going to be talking about black and white themed weddings and all the puns that come along with it! “Oreo going to be at my wedding?” “Oreo going to the wedding” 

Featured Below: Elegant Weddings

Simple and classic is always going to be a trend, the touch of the black makes it so interesting!

Featured Below: Pinterest 

Cake are becoming more and more elaborate, which is amazing! We love the personalized details. 

Featured Below: Elegant Weddings

Have your ladies be dressed in black beside you, then you stand out even more than you already will! 

Featured Below: Pinterest

Want a white dress but black access pieces? Have a jacket made so that all the colors are incorporated! 

Featured Below: Pinterest 

If you don’t want a cake but you still need a dessert bar this is perfect, and super cute! 

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Monday Funday: Under the sea!

Happy Monday! We hope that you all had a great weekend and are back in action for a productive week! The patchettes are suckers for a theme wedding, this one in particular is very unique. It takes a special couple to pull off the mermaid theme, but is it definitely a show stopper. 

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

This is the perfect way to show off your rings, we love detail shots! 

Featured Below: Pinterest

Simple boutonnières are always the way to go, and what better way to incorporate the sea then a starfish!

Featured Below: The Knot

Creative escort cards are definitely a fan favorite! Especially, these dinglehoppers (yes, that’s from the little mermaid)

Featured Below: Dokk I Design

Detailed cakes are becoming more and more popular! It really does set a mood for the ceremony. 

Featured Below: Something Turquoise

Lastly, personalized chairs for the sweetheart table are perfect and make for great photos! 

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Monday loveday: Love is in the air!

Happy Monday, we hope you had a great weekend! With Valentines Day on Wednesday and all the couples going out to celebrate, we are going to talk about different ways to make your wedding day stand out.  Even more than it does already with being on Valentines Day! Valentines day is a special day to get married because, it’s already filled with so much love that having a wedding just takes it to the next level. 

Featured Below: Sivan Photography

Want to make your first kiss as husband and wife even more special, add in the heart shaped balloons! 

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals 

Add some color to your bouquet! The deep red and pale pinks are perfect for a Valentines day wedding! 

Featured Below: Pinterest 

Valentines colored floral wall, nothing gets better than that!

Featured Below: Brides

Have a fun signature drink during cocktail hour, make sure its red or pink so the theme continues throughout the night! 

Featured Below: The Knot

Red velvet cake is always the way to go, especially if you’re getting married on valentines day! 

Featured Below: The Knot

Finally, do you need cute party favor for your guests? Use candy hearts!

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Monday Funday: Did someone say peacocks?

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you all had a great weekend and are preparing to have an even better week! Today’s post is about peacocks! Yes..we actually said peacocks. We love when a couple chooses to do a themed wedding because, they are so different from what we normally see! This theme is one we find especially unique. The colors inspired from this trend are absolutely gorgeous! 

Featured Below: Pinterest 

Want to start the ceremony off with a bang? Use these flower petals before you walk down the aisle! 

Featured Below: Love and Lavender

The tie and boutonnière are the perfect combination for this theme! And look at the pocket square! 

Featured Below: Daniel Boone Photography 

This four tier cake is something truly amazing! The peacock feathers in addition to the blue ribbon is gorgeous! 

Featured Below: Paper Blog

Incorporate the colors into your bouquet because it will definitely make it pop! 

Featured Below: Wedd Book

Finally, do you want guests to take the theme with them? Rock candy in the colors from your theme is the perfect thank you gift! 

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Monday Funday: Colored Gowns and Tuxes!

Happy Monday everyone! For todays blog we are going to be talking about some of the new trends in wedding fashion.  Colored dresses and tuxes!  If you’re not a traditional bride and are looking for something totally outside the box for your wedding dress, then maybe a two-piece wedding gown is the perfect match for you on your big day.  This is becoming more and more popular, especially since the boho trend is still on the rise.  We are currently loving this trend and we hope it continues! 

Featured Below: Perfect Wedding Guide

We love the idea of being able to mix and match, wether it is textures or colors! Lace is always a great option for the top! 

Featured Below: Trubridal Wedding Blog

Add some color into your dress! This lets the bride be more creative with the overall theme of their wedding. 

Featured Below: Weddingomania

Feeling like having a dark and stormy wedding? Make your dress black to incorporate the overall theme. 

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Less can always be more especially when playing with color schemes. If you want to add a little pop of color you can always make the grooms tux a different color!

Featured Below: Pinterest 

Feeling a little bolder? Pick a more vibrant color to stand out like this gorgeous red color! 

Featured Below: Pinterest

Finally, if you want to keep your dress simple and elegant you could always change up your bridesmaid dresses! 

Incorporating color and different textures into dresses is a big trend today. Some, but not all brides want to step away from the traditional gown and have their dress be a little more modern. 

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Trend Alert: Translucent Touches!

New trends are popping up everywhere after the 2017 weddings finally came to a close.  One of the trends that we are most excited about are the acrylic pieces! Anything from the invitations, clear tents, wall to ceiling windows, and clear tables. People want a clear clean design and thats what translucent pieces have to offer. 

Featured below: Aisle Perfect 

Everyone wants their invitation to stand out, having a acrylic invitation is definitely a way to do so! 

Featured Below: Paper + Lace

Acrylic bar menus are also another way to make it stand out! The hanging aspect is also a huge plus! 

Featured Below: Brides

Hanging escort cards are becoming more and more popular, but adding the acrylic aspect is definitely going to be on trend! 

Featured Below: Trendy Bride 

The added modern look with the classic gold calligraphy is a stunning look! 

Featured Below: Pinterest 

Table numbers can be another place where acrylic is displayed. Add flowers or other textured object behind it so it will add depth to your centerpiece! 

Featured Below: Weddingomania

A display box for the acrylic is something special, it make an already beautiful invitation stand out even more! 

Featured Below: Pinterest

Acrylic tents are also becoming more and more popular, they give structure but also let in the night sky and can be decorated with more modern lights.  

Acrylic pieces will make your wedding stand out, whether it’s the invitations or a tent it will definitely catch peoples eyes! Be sure to follow us at The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

How to: Assemble the Perfect Guest Gifts!

If you are having a destination wedding, or just want to treat your guests who are staying for your wedding weekend, the best way to thank them is to create a gift bag for them! This may seem like an overwhelming task, but trust us, there is a way to make this trend work for any type of wedding and every wedding budget! The most important thing is personalization: making your guests feel special on your day! Here are some tips on how to best make your family and friends feel just as excited for your wedding as you are.

Featured Below: The Knot

-PERSONALIZATION! This bag is adorable because it speaks directly to the state the wedding is taking place in. Howdy!

-Cute coasters are a fun way to bring some color and design into your welcome bag.

Featured Below: Katalina Girl

-Including a map or list of activities/events for the weekend. Offering your guests options of things to do to make your weekend even more fun is a great way to get them involved. The Patchettes are the perfect source to custom design pieces like this!

– How adorable are these custom bride and groom cupcakes? So original!

Featured Below: Lydi Out Loud

-This bag is totally custom: including your wedding colors, fonts, monograms, or design in these bags is the perfect way to keep the theme going!

-A door sign is the perfect way to keep your friends and family comfy in their beds the next day, and is a cute favor.

Featured Below: The Gift Insider

-Personalizing your bags with your names or wedding date is a really adorable custom detail.

– Add your favorite snacks that are unique to the area your wedding is in for a little flair!

Featured Below:


-Want something small and inexpensive? Go for the hangover kit! Tiny, adorable, and memorable!

-So cute and funny (but they actually might help everyone out from their long night of partying!). Include things like mints, aspirin, or eye masks so your guests can refresh. 

Featured Below: Bloglovin’

– Throw in a tiny bottle of bubbly to get the party started early!

-Perfume, shampoo, bath salts, or soap are all a great way to ensure your guests are staying fresh and  happy all weekend!

Featured Below: Martha Stewart Weddings

-Have some room in your budget to splurge on your guests? This is the way to do it: creating a custom basket filled with goodies for them to take home or use during their weekend is one way to surely impress.

-Making these baskets as unique to your wedding location as possible is what makes them special and unique!

We certainly hope we get to be a guest at a wedding like one of these in the future! For more inspiration or pretty paper visit us at The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

Wedding Welcomes!

The latest wedding trends aren’t about the groom, or even the bride! They’re all about the loving couple’s guests! Couples are spending more and more on their guests to give them an unforgettable experience. For example, welcome bags have become a huge hit. It’s not just about favors any more, and we’ve got some great inspiration for you!

Featured Below: Pinterest


Our Patchettes can help you with the stickers!

Featured Below: Brit + Co


Let this welcome from Lauren Conrad inspire your own!

Featured Below: Bloglovin’


The hangover kit is always a popular addition!

Are you creating a welcome bag or box for your big day? Let the Patchettes help with custom gift tags, stickers, and more! We’re here to help you tackle all those Pinterest projects. For more fun ideas, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

We’re going green(ery)!

Pantone has officially released their “Color of the Year” for 2017: it’s Greenery! Greenery is a revitalizing and refreshing shade of spring-time green. Thought of as “nature’s neutral,” Greenery was created by Pantone to remind us of the physical beauty of the great outdoors in a time when we are flooded with technology.

The “Color of the Year” always becomes popular in all things art, design, and fashion. With a beautiful shade like Greenery, we’re sure this year will be no exception. Here’s a few of our favorite ways to incorporate the trending hue in to your chic wedding!

Featured Below: Polka Dot Bride


We love the natural look of this cake!

Featured Below: Perfect Wedding


These Greenery inspired place cards are so simple – and stylish!

Featured Below: Ruffled Blog


Greenery pairs perfectly with white and ivory!

Featured Below: SHOPBOP


We certainly think Greenery will keep the flower crown trend alive!

Featured  Below: LANE


You can’t go wrong with green and gold!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty


Hanging greens will also be a huge wedding trend this year!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty


Fresh greens can be used anywhere on your big day!

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A Burgundy Big Day

Are you planning a winter wedding? Well, we’re here to remind you that a festive wedding doesn’t have to be filled with red and green. For an elegant affair, we’re recommending burgundy for your winter wedding. Keep scrolling down for all the burgundy inspiration you could need:

Featured Below: Ruffled


Burgundy is perfectly paired with blush!

Featured Below: Hey Wedding Lady


Super romantic on an au natural cake!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks


These shoes alone will make you want to plan a burgundy wedding!

Featured Below: Deer Pearl Flowers


We’re obsessed with this floral arrangement as a ceremony backdrop!

Featured Below: Happy Wed


Your friends and family will love this look!

Burgundy is definitely a Patchette-pick for this season! For more help from the Patchettes, please make an appointment at our Tysons Corner Showroom. You can also follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!