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Summertime holds a plethora of creative possibilities when it comes to weddings, one of which includes a favorite American pastime of the season – going to the pool! Or rather, to better fit our intended scenario – “having a pool present (while your guests come to you to help celebrate.)” While the tiny body of shimmering water appears particularly inviting when one is constantly enveloped by the fiery temperatures of Earth life, we are (unfortunately) not here today to discuss pool parties, or splashing, not even tanning. Instead, we’ve decided that pools can play a huge role in wedding decor too! In other words, to compensate for the lack of water-based activity, simply throw yourself into amplifying the visual properties of “pool time” instead!

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No need to keep track of each individual piece of decoration when you can simply project mesmerizing textures onto the water’s surface!

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Another effortless way to beautify your liquid space: flowers! We think vibrant individual blooms such as the ones pictured above work best in delivering the natural, organic look; they seem to carry a bit more control in presentation than the arbitrary sprinkling of petals.

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But if you’re up for a more cohesive arrangement, bouquets are fabulous pool accents too! From far away, they’re practically giant, colorful, floating pom-poms!

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Candlelight in the evening gives off a soft glow that’ll keep up the cheerful spirits!

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Imagine crickets chirping, the voices of the wedding celebration floating in the background just as these paper lanterns rest on the water’s surface and provide none other than a soothing presence at the end of the day.

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What’s a wedding without monograms? We’ve also seen people spell out entire letters

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Make a cute “cover” for your pool by stringing up some floral pieces and weaving them across the surface! Get that burst of color going on your fancy flower web!

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Who knew walking, much less dancing, on water would ever be possible on your wedding day? Count on plexiglass to perform wonders to wow!

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Not your average way of hosting a bridesmaids’ party, but having to scavenge the waters for the one box with your name on makes this all the more enticing!

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If you’re planning an absolute fiesta, we say go all out with pool floats!

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Trend Alert: Pitch Me a Tent For My Wedding

For hosts of outdoor wedding ceremonies, tents no doubt serve as a practical weatherproofing option, but with the amount of creative expansion we’ve seen on tent styles and decor, these commodious canopies have long since moved on from standing solely “in case of inclement weather”. Let’s just say the wedding industry has certainly out-‘tented’ itself in their capacity for unconventional accessorizing… Summertime presents the perfect opportunity to ditch the traditional, four-walled nuptial settings and truly embrace what mother nature has to offer for your dream wedding! Check out these breathtaking elements we’ve pulled out as inspiration from past weddings that’ll have you drooling over the possibilities in store for your own nature-friendly celebration!

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You don’t need a munchkin to tell you to follow follow follow follow follow the lantern-lined path through the grassy field to be off to see the lovely bride and groom!

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Incorporate some friendly trees to overlook the dinner tables; give your guests get the full woodland experience!

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Swings! – a relaxing but fun addition to your nature ensemble, and fit for all age groups!

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Perhaps your guests will be tricked into thinking they’re actually feasting under the roof of Hogwarts’ dining hall rather than the shelter of your magical wedding tent.

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Transparent canopies offer the true indoor/outdoor experience with the occasional splash of natural sunlight, and the greenery vine garlands only add to the pleasantly simple and organic aesthetic!

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Nothing shouts unending love like a rose-tinted, extravagant floral enclosure! With soft chandeliers and drapery, what’s a happy couple to do but say “I do”?

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