Monday loveday: Love is in the air!

Happy Monday, we hope you had a great weekend! With Valentines Day on Wednesday and all the couples going out to celebrate, we are going to talk about different ways to make your wedding day stand out.  Even more than it does already with being on Valentines Day! Valentines day is a special day to get married because, it’s already filled with so much love that having a wedding just takes it to the next level. 

Featured Below: Sivan Photography

Want to make your first kiss as husband and wife even more special, add in the heart shaped balloons! 

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals 

Add some color to your bouquet! The deep red and pale pinks are perfect for a Valentines day wedding! 

Featured Below: Pinterest 

Valentines colored floral wall, nothing gets better than that!

Featured Below: Brides

Have a fun signature drink during cocktail hour, make sure its red or pink so the theme continues throughout the night! 

Featured Below: The Knot

Red velvet cake is always the way to go, especially if you’re getting married on valentines day! 

Featured Below: The Knot

Finally, do you need cute party favor for your guests? Use candy hearts!

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Trend Alert: All about florals!

We are dreaming of warmer weather and thinking ahead to spring and all the upcoming weddings we have!  Today we are featuring florals, because, they are such a big part of someones wedding.  The floral trend is always changing and becoming more and more spectacular!  We love seeing how creative planners and brides can get!

Featured Below: Brides

Hanging florals should never go out of style! If your wedding is inside and you want an outdoor feel this is the perfect way to incorporate both! 

Featured Below: Pintrest

Floral hoops are also a new trend, they can add depth to your reception and also are a great accent piece behind the bride and grooms table! 

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake 

Geometric floral holders are very popular, especially in the copper color! Adding another element to the plating is always fun too! 

Featured Below: Kenya Tenders

Combining classic greenery with a rustic table setting is always gorgeous! 

Featured Below: Junebug Wedding

Finally, add a vintage piece with bold flowers to make your centerpieces stand out! 

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Get your cocktail on!

Beautifully presented drinks your reception is always the way to go! We love signature drinks, and they can even help with the cost of things! Create a two signature drinks, one for the bride and one for the groom. If you’re having severs, they can be passing the drinks on trays and that will make them stand out even more! It can also help with bar lines. Pick a signature drink that reflects you and your partners personality, it should be a representation of you both! 

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

Having a sign display with the drinks so your guest can see what drinks you are offering!

 Featured Below: Love Luxe Life

Spice up your glasses by adding a salt or sugar rim, depending on the drink and some fun colored ice cubes to tie it all together! 

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

Garnishes are everything and these glasses are spectacular, adding texture is definitely a plus! Adding a cocktail card will be helpful for the guest so they know what is being served. 

Featured Below: Brit+Co. 

Need something to be your blue? Add a blue signature drink to your reception, a blueberry mojito is always a good option!

Featured Below: Bridal Musings 

Adding a tags to your drinks for a personal touch!

Signature drinks can be such a fun element in your reception! No matter the style of your wedding there are always unique ways to incorporate them. Check out our pages for more fun tips and ideas at The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

A “Hole” Lotta Donuts on Display

Happy Monday, everyone! We’ve decided to start off this week’s inspiration posts with a year-round-favorite munchable – donuts! Regardless of which party they feature in – brunch reception or bridal party, birthday celebration or holiday dinner (@ X’mas!) – presentation is key to a sugar-glazed success! Work up displays like these and we guarantee a “lit” factor of cream-coated fingers and jelly-filled joyousness!

Featured Below: Circusberry

As the author of this blog had said, putting anything on a stick and tying a ribbon at the end makes it a part of something much more festive! Of course, a drink pairing doesn’t hurt either – hence the apple cider.

Featured Below: Our Messy Table

Typically you can only fit one donut in each hand, but now you’ll be able to snag as many as you can fit via kabob skewers!

Featured Below: Ruffled

Top off your delicious donut stack with with a whipped cream finish! Florals serve as an excellent garnishing device, so use them to your advantage!

Featured Below: Pink The Town

Sweet treats for only the most glitter glam of donut diners!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

Even if you didn’t like blueberry all that much, or cake all that much, you’ll probably say yes to this one just for the topping!

Featured Below: Instagram

Which one to begin with will be the most difficult question you have ever asked yourself as you stand in front of this wall of sugar-filled well-roundedness!

Featured Below: Something Turquoise

Pack a treat for each of your lovely guests!

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

*Insert romantic donut pun* 😉

Featured Below: Instagram

A donut for me, a donut for you!

Featured Below: Instagram

Hook ’em up for all to see!

Featured Below: Instagram

Practice your typography skills with some delicious donut letters!

With so much pun-tential on the table, we gladly offer our “hole”some paper services for any signage or labeling for a donut display that’ll leave guests absolutely dumbfounded! Connect with The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more inspiration in Foodtopia (because we also donut have very strong resolve when it comes to rainbow candy sprinkles and frosting)!

Holiday Special: Sweet Treats and Spooky Reads

With this spook-taculicious holiday just around the corner, we’re switching gears from wedding trends to a more general topic: party treats! But not just any spooky party treats, either. In preparation for this year’s All Hallows’ Eve, we’ve selected some of our favorite desserts inspired by dark classics in literature. You’ll have your guests chuckling in no time once they see your clever creations!

Featured Below: T.S. Bazelli

Take a sip! Try a bite! Will you grow to be a giant the size of a cottage, or shrink down enough to fit through a teeny-tiny door in the wall?

Featured Below: The Shabby Creek Cottage

Bring the temptation up a notch – now your guests will surely be scrambling to find out what exactly you’ve concocted for them!

Featured Below: Sprinkle Bakes

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a carriage ride with the White Witch in addition to servings of these tasty Turkish Delights.

Featured Below: Laura Moseley

If you’ve come ready with your own additional (personal) ingredients, step right on up and prepare yourself for an interesting night ahead…

Featured Below: Homemaker’s Habitat

Cupcakes make for better desserts than apples, period.

Featured Below: Fluster Buster

Have the Weird Sisters inspired you to “Double, double, toil and trouble” in your own cauldron for this night? Try this “Eye of Newt” punch and tell us what you think!

Featured Below: Catch My Party

Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore” as we continue to commemorate the man behind our favorite dark poems and short stories!

Featured Below: Love It So Much

No one knows why the Frankenstein monster is green, but we’re just going to play along!

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Fountains of Love (for Food!)

A good question to ask in regards to catering for your reception: how does one feed his or her guests and keep ’em entertained at the same time? Well, ponder no further! In addition to resolving the essential required qualities in question, food fountains are also sharable and come in unlimited supply (for a good while, at least!); and think of all the friendly interactions your guests could be having with one another while trying to figure out how to best use the apparatus? There are simply too many pros to not include one of these at your event!

Featured Below: The Pink Bride

There’s no way we’d leave out the classic cho-co-lat-é fountain, suitable for all dessert dippings!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Just in queso you get stuck when coming up with ideas for catering…

Featured Below: Buzzfeed

But a ranch dip is equally lovable!

Featured Below: Funky Fountains

What’s a celebratory occasion without its own champagne station?

Featured Below: Catch My Party

When life doesn’t give you lemons, you go out an buy some pink lemonade punch. See? Easy-peasy, lemon-(not)-squeezy!

Featured Below: Pinterest

For meat lovers out there, this is your time to shine!

Featured Below: Smarty Had A Party Blog

Not one for the salty, tangy taste? Opt for a sweeter (albeit stickier) fountain choice!

Any food fountain will surely leave quite the impression! But so will your stationary! Check out our gallery of pretty paper on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and let The Dandelion Patch bring you the highest quality paper goods to further impress your guests!

Trend Alert: Save Room For Dessert (Stations)

In all the hullabaloo of planning for that dream wedding, one is also expected to decide on a full-course meal that includes food options for the entree, main course, and – last but not least – DESSERT! Ever heard of dessert stations? This rising trend introduces us to buffet-styled dessert bars and tables; gone are the days of limited dessert options decided in advance by the bride and groom to be a part of the formal course. Not only do dessert stations help guarantee that guests stay busy and active, they also offer a greater range of food for eager wedding participants to sample from, keeping them fully entertained. Perhaps it’s time to set out a few days in your own planning calendar and arrange for a dessert station (or multiple, up to you!) Remember – this is your chance to go berserk with that menu!

Featured Below: Belle The Magazine

Miniature pies – bringing you greater varieties in greater quantities; in conclusion, the best pies.

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake


Bite-sized proportions make it possible for guests to try a little bit of everything!

Featured Below: Happy Wedd

Keep in mind that presentation plays a huge role in wowing your guests, but don’t be afraid to try something totally out-of-the-ordinary! Circular tree trunk slabs are often used to complement the outdoor-camper themed reception or add a touch of rustic vibes.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Fruit can be dessert too…as long as you throw in some chocolate or caramel dip!

Featured Below: Absolute Perfection

Here’s another one of those magically baked creations that will have guests standing mouth-open (most likely in awe, but probably also drooling) in the presence of such beauty!

Featured Below: Buzzfeed

Although I’m not entirely sure how this is supposed to be eaten, a wedding-cake-shaped cheese tower is quite a sight to behold, don’t you think?

Featured Below: WedLuxe

Variety is a must-have for your dessert station, but to have a themed variety – now that’ll scream “EAT ME” more than anything!

What dessert stations would you host at your reception? Let us help you create freshly-made, irresistibly sweet labels and menus for your selection of desserts! Simply call to make an appointment with The Dandelion Patch and be sure to connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

How to: Gift your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids have been there for you during this whole crazy process that is wedding planning. Everything from your late night breakdowns over the font on your invitations to popping bottles at the bachelorette party: they have been there through it all! And now it’s time for you to say thanks! These girls are some of your best friends, and deserve the best gift that you can give them (within budget of course!). We’ve collected a list of some of the hottest gifts brides are giving this season just for you. If you’re in a giving mood, also check out our ideas on how to gift your guests from out of town!

Monogrammed Water Bottles

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals


Swell bottles are all anyone is using these days to drink on the go! Get your girls something they will love to use after the wedding is over- with a personal touch of a monogram!

Custom Candles

Featured Below:The Shabby Wick

Nothing smells sweeter than a candle gifted by your favorite bride! Help your friends unwind after a stressful day with these custom candles, which you could also monogram for more personalization.

Gift Basket

Featured Below: Beau Coup

We know it takes a village to get through the wedding day. If you have some money in your budget to spoil your bridesmaids, give them a gift basket with all kinds of goodies like nail polish, jewelry, candy, or mini hangover kits!

Mini Champagne

Featured Below: Paper + Lace


Everyone loves a little bubbly- especially at a wedding! Treat your friends to some treats before the wedding to get everyone in the partying mood.


Featured Below: BHLDN

This is the gift perfect for brides who want matching pictures in their bridal suites as they get ready for the big day! Added bonus: the bridesmaids get to take them home and use them again and again.

Day-of Jewelry

Featured Below: For the Maids

Want to ensure a cohesive look among your bridesmaids on your wedding day? Gift them a piece of jewelry that they will wear on your day. One less thing for them to worry about purchasing!

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Four-legged Friends and your Wedding

Your wedding is about celebrating your special day with the people you love most. This most definitely should include your dog! Your puppy is just as important as the rest of your wedding party and should be treated as such. There are so many different ways include your favorite four-legged family member into the ceremony or your engagement/wedding photographs. Check out how some of these brides made their puppies feel special on their wedding day!

Featured Below: Borrowed & Blue

How regal does this Golden Retriever look? The flower crown (or collar!) will never go out of style!

Featured Below: Megan Kay Photography


This pup looks so comfy in his little wagon. This way he can be included in the wedding without you having to worry about him running around during the ceremony!

Featured Below: Green Wedding Shoes

Include your dogs in your wedding photos! They are part of the family and want to be part of these memories too.

Featured Below: BuzzFeed

What a unique way to tell your friends and family to save the date!

Featured Below: Bellagalla

The most handsome best man a human could have!

Featured Below: Deer Pearl Flowers

How sweet is this doggy, he’s just ready for the party afterwords!

Don’t dogs just make everything better? We love this trend and want to hear all about it if you try it for yourself! And for even more inspiration or pretty paper, visit us at The Dandelion Patch on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Start Spreading The News

After he asked and you said yes, you have to tell the world! Here’s some adorable engagement announcement photos that we absolutely love.

Capturing the joy and the new ring!

Featured Below: How He Asked IMG_35911-700x1050

Who doesn’t love Starbucks?!

Featured Below: Wedding Forward


Saying yes calls for champagne and confetti!

Featured Below: Buzzfeed


Have your furry friend announce the news.

Featured Below: BarkPost


Such a sweet moment.

Featured Below: Mon Cheri


Jumping for joy!

Featured Below: Head Over Heels



Featured Below: Brit & Co


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