Trend Alert: Dinner of Veggies n’ Spice

Alas, we part ways with yet another year’s Thanksgiving dinner – but not being taking a snippet of that as inspiration for the future! As we take a moment to reminisce the incredibly satisfying feast from last night, we pick up on the rich splashes of autumnal tones in the vegetables present on the table and cannot help but wonder how delightfully refreshing they might look in their most natural form. Hence we bring you today’s trend alert! Table setting and centerpieces that incorporate the season’s harvests and spices are sure to wow your guests in their organic charm!

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Trend Tuesday: Naked Wedding Cakes

It’s Trend Tuesday, and we’ve got a sweet tooth!

What’s the latest in wedding cakes? Naked wedding cakes! Yes, you read that correctly. Naked wedding cakes include traditional layers, but with no fondant! If you’ve ever watched The Cake Boss on TV, you’re probably wondering why you would want a cake without fondant. How does it stay together?

Well, these trending naked cakes are actually quite beautiful! They’re both simple and rustic. While they are uncovered, naked wedding cakes do have icing in between the layers. Also, fondant doesn’t actually taste very good. However, these cakes are just as yummy as they are pretty!

Featured Below: Tulle and Chantilly


Naked cakes are very elegant with just a few sugar flowers!

Featured Below: ModWedding


Add berries to really wow your guests!

Featured Below: Tulle and Chantilly


This rustic look is stunning with lavender!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks


We think Tinker Bell designed this one!

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Naked cakes are yummy in chocolate too!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks


Fabulous for fall!

Featured Below: Refinery 29


We’re swooning over this floral focal-point!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty


The more cake, the merrier!

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