Coffee Connections

Coffee comes in many forms. There’s the drink, which many people use as a daily boost of caffeine or take simply out of pleasure. There are the beans, which can be ground up or roasted (and then coated with chocolate!) If you ever find an endless desire to spread the passion for and connect with others over all these forms of coffee, you’re in luck! Over the years, people have figured out plenty of fun, creative ways to incorporate coffee into their wedding events, so get ready, because we’ve got a latte of inspiration coming your way!

Featured Below: Burnett’s Boards

Can’t have a coffee party without a coffee bar, now can we?

Featured Below: Intimate Weddings

‘Cause if you love it then of course you’ll put a ring on it! (Not to mention the satisfying aroma it’ll be carrying!)

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Not only is this aesthetically enticing, you also know that this spoonful of coffee is going to be equally as delicious!

Featured Below: Anticipation Events

Would you like to give it a shot?

Featured Below: Evermine Weddings

As always, sharing is caring! So coffee lovers, get ready to share some of your grounds for assembly! 

Featured Below: Burnett’s Boards

Vintage coffee mugs hanging against a wooden board backdrop create the perfect atmosphere for a coffee party!

Featured Below: Weddingomania

If you’re going to have a coffee party, coffee puns are an absolute must-have!

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Trend Alert: Save Room For Dessert (Stations)

In all the hullabaloo of planning for that dream wedding, one is also expected to decide on a full-course meal that includes food options for the entree, main course, and – last but not least – DESSERT! Ever heard of dessert stations? This rising trend introduces us to buffet-styled dessert bars and tables; gone are the days of limited dessert options decided in advance by the bride and groom to be a part of the formal course. Not only do dessert stations help guarantee that guests stay busy and active, they also offer a greater range of food for eager wedding participants to sample from, keeping them fully entertained. Perhaps it’s time to set out a few days in your own planning calendar and arrange for a dessert station (or multiple, up to you!) Remember – this is your chance to go berserk with that menu!

Featured Below: Belle The Magazine

Miniature pies – bringing you greater varieties in greater quantities; in conclusion, the best pies.

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake


Bite-sized proportions make it possible for guests to try a little bit of everything!

Featured Below: Happy Wedd

Keep in mind that presentation plays a huge role in wowing your guests, but don’t be afraid to try something totally out-of-the-ordinary! Circular tree trunk slabs are often used to complement the outdoor-camper themed reception or add a touch of rustic vibes.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Fruit can be dessert too…as long as you throw in some chocolate or caramel dip!

Featured Below: Absolute Perfection

Here’s another one of those magically baked creations that will have guests standing mouth-open (most likely in awe, but probably also drooling) in the presence of such beauty!

Featured Below: Buzzfeed

Although I’m not entirely sure how this is supposed to be eaten, a wedding-cake-shaped cheese tower is quite a sight to behold, don’t you think?

Featured Below: WedLuxe

Variety is a must-have for your dessert station, but to have a themed variety – now that’ll scream “EAT ME” more than anything!

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It’s Taco Time!

The best weddings truly represent the couple! If you look at wedding trends, the biggest aspect is personalization. Couples are aiming to wow their guests by creating custom experiences. Our favorite new idea? Taco bar! That’s right! Your wedding meal is a great place to get creative and bring out your favorites. Here’s a few ideas for all our taco lovers!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty


It’s all about the presentation!

Featured Below: Weddingomania


We’re not kidding…check out this one!

Featured Below: Coveteur


Cute signage is also key to creating a fun, summer vibe for your taco-themed day!

Featured Below: Etsy


Not feeling crafty? You can have these great signs made on Etsy for your taco bar!

Featured Below:


Tacos can be fancy too! Go all out with specialty toppings.

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