Trend Alert: Ring Photography in the Fall

When you’re provided a spectrum of warm color tones as present in the Fall, and there is a wedding to be celebrated somewhere in the near future, what’s left is a plethora of photographic opportunities to capture those intimate moments within the richness of nature! The wedding ring, in particular, holds enough symbolic value to have its own features in every real wedding photography collection. Ultimately, we decided to combine all of these ideas to curate today’s fall season trend post!

Featured Below: Planning It All

Is it just us, or does this picture give off major Cinderella vibes? But then again, why would anyone give up a perfect fairy tale moment?

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

As much as we appreciate pumpkins in size Regular, the cuteness of these little ones really get to you too!

Featured Below: Country House Wedding Venues

If you are more drawn towards the conventional monochromatic scheme of traditional weddings, here’s another way to incorporate this popular fall season motif!

Featured Below: The Tres Chic

Back in ancient Egypt, the ring stood as a symbol for the eternal love of (human) spouses. However, since our bride and groom are not yet present to reflect the wisdom of the old Egyptian sentiment, acorns are all we’ve got.

Featured Below: Etsy

The uneven repetition and distribution of circular forms give way to such an intriguing aesthetic!

Featured Below: United With Love

When the leaves fall off, we put the rings on.

Featured Below: We Heart It

We think you might have caught something pre-tty important there! What are you still waiting for?! Just reel it in already!

Featured Below: Pinterest

Nothing better to represent Autumn than a browning leaf!

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Real Wedding Wednesday: Lindsay & Chris

Lindsay and Chris’ stunning wedding was in October of last year–but with fall wedding season upon us we wanted to share one of our favorites! Lindsay and Chris’ family affair was so well done thanks to their brilliant ideas and their fabulous vendor team:

Ceremony Venue: St. Mark’s Lutheran Church | Reception Venue: Meridian House | Photography: Jan Michele Photography | Month of Wedding Planner: Atrendy Wedding | Stationery: The Dandelion Patch | Videography: Blue Sky Films | Florist: Holly Chapple | Catering: Well Dunn Catering | Cake/Dessert: Fluffy Thoughts Bakery

The details in Lindsay’s dress are exquisite, and look at that stunning veil! 


This was such a fun invitation to create! Gold foil is one of our favorite trends, and it definitely seems to be sticking around.


The colors in this wedding are absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for fall!


Their reception is the definition of regal. The Meridian House is such a great venue!


Fluffy Thoughts outdid themselves on this unique cake!


Congratulations to the happy couple! 

happy couple

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All photos courtesy of Jan Michele Photography.