A “Hole” Lotta Donuts on Display

Happy Monday, everyone! We’ve decided to start off this week’s inspiration posts with a year-round-favorite munchable – donuts! Regardless of which party they feature in – brunch reception or bridal party, birthday celebration or holiday dinner (@ X’mas!) – presentation is key to a sugar-glazed success! Work up displays like these and we guarantee a “lit” factor of cream-coated fingers and jelly-filled joyousness!

Featured Below: Circusberry

As the author of this blog had said, putting anything on a stick and tying a ribbon at the end makes it a part of something much more festive! Of course, a drink pairing doesn’t hurt either – hence the apple cider.

Featured Below: Our Messy Table

Typically you can only fit one donut in each hand, but now you’ll be able to snag as many as you can fit via kabob skewers!

Featured Below: Ruffled

Top off your delicious donut stack with with a whipped cream finish! Florals serve as an excellent garnishing device, so use them to your advantage!

Featured Below: Pink The Town

Sweet treats for only the most glitter glam of donut diners!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

Even if you didn’t like blueberry all that much, or cake all that much, you’ll probably say yes to this one just for the topping!

Featured Below: Instagram

Which one to begin with will be the most difficult question you have ever asked yourself as you stand in front of this wall of sugar-filled well-roundedness!

Featured Below: Something Turquoise

Pack a treat for each of your lovely guests!

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

*Insert romantic donut pun* ūüėČ

Featured Below: Instagram

A donut for me, a donut for you!

Featured Below: Instagram

Hook ’em up for all to see!

Featured Below: Instagram

Practice your typography skills with some delicious donut letters!

With so much pun-tential on the table, we gladly offer our “hole”some paper services for any signage or labeling for a donut display that’ll leave guests absolutely dumbfounded! Connect with The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more inspiration in Foodtopia (because we also donut have very strong resolve when it comes to rainbow candy sprinkles and frosting)!

Apple Cider Celebrations

It’s officially fall, and we’re so excited! Our favorite autumn beverage, besides Pumpkin Spice Lattes, is apple cider. With every sip, you’ll feel like you’re driving though New England and watching the leaves turn orange. It’s heaven! If you’re planning a fall wedding, you’ll definitely want to include this traditional beverage. From apple cider cocktails to donuts, your guests will love this super sweet treat!

Featured Below: Glamour and Grace Blog


Welcome and warm guests with an apple cider bar!

Featured Below: Flavour and Savour


Follow the link for this apple cider sangria recipe! Yum!

Featured Below: StyleCaster


If you haven’t tried apple cider donuts, you NEED to!

Featured Below: Chic Vintage Brides


Create a cute display with lots of apples!

Featured Below: I Heart Naptime


Fun favor alert: we love these tins of cider mix!

Featured Below: How Sweet It Is


For the autumn-loving bride, apple cider margaritas are the perfect custom cocktail!

We’re certainly craving some apple cider right now! We hope you’re feeling inspired too! What’s your favorite custom cocktail for fall? Share with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

Donut Miss the Next Trendy Treat!

Above Left:¬†WeddingThingz –¬†Above Right:¬†Pinterest

Perfect for a wedding brunch or late night snack, treat your guests to a sweet surprise along with their beverage!

Above Left: OneStylishBride –¬†Above Right:¬†Pinterest

Forgo the traditional wedding or party cake and delight guests with a donut tower! This decadent sculpture is sure to be the center of attention on any table.

Above Left: LoveRamsey –¬†Above Right: StyleMePretty

Set up a brunch bar or late night snack station with varieties of donut flavors to please everyone!

Above Left:¬†PartyOnDesign –¬†Above Right:¬†Ruffled

Or give donuts as a favor so guests can have something to snack on the ride home! -Amy