A “Hole” Lotta Donuts on Display

Happy Monday, everyone! We’ve decided to start off this week’s inspiration posts with a year-round-favorite munchable – donuts! Regardless of which party they feature in – brunch reception or bridal party, birthday celebration or holiday dinner (@ X’mas!) – presentation is key to a sugar-glazed success! Work up displays like these and we guarantee a “lit” factor of cream-coated fingers and jelly-filled joyousness!

Featured Below: Circusberry

As the author of this blog had said, putting anything on a stick and tying a ribbon at the end makes it a part of something much more festive! Of course, a drink pairing doesn’t hurt either – hence the apple cider.

Featured Below: Our Messy Table

Typically you can only fit one donut in each hand, but now you’ll be able to snag as many as you can fit via kabob skewers!

Featured Below: Ruffled

Top off your delicious donut stack with with a whipped cream finish! Florals serve as an excellent garnishing device, so use them to your advantage!

Featured Below: Pink The Town

Sweet treats for only the most glitter glam of donut diners!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

Even if you didn’t like blueberry all that much, or cake all that much, you’ll probably say yes to this one just for the topping!

Featured Below: Instagram

Which one to begin with will be the most difficult question you have ever asked yourself as you stand in front of this wall of sugar-filled well-roundedness!

Featured Below: Something Turquoise

Pack a treat for each of your lovely guests!

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

*Insert romantic donut pun* 😉

Featured Below: Instagram

A donut for me, a donut for you!

Featured Below: Instagram

Hook ’em up for all to see!

Featured Below: Instagram

Practice your typography skills with some delicious donut letters!

With so much pun-tential on the table, we gladly offer our “hole”some paper services for any signage or labeling for a donut display that’ll leave guests absolutely dumbfounded! Connect with The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more inspiration in Foodtopia (because we also donut have very strong resolve when it comes to rainbow candy sprinkles and frosting)!

Trend Alert: Sweet Maple Merriment

‘Tis the merry season for maple syrup! Well, that’s not logistically true, as prime tree-tapping season generally occurs in the late-winter or early-spring. However, we’ve found that the common maple palette of rich oranges and golden browns easily fits into any autumn atmosphere! Scroll on ahead for some oh-so-(wedding)-brunchable sweets and treats that will surely leave your guests sticky for more!

Featured Below: Love & Olive Oil

Featured Below: HuffPost Lifestyle

Instead of a perfectly-sculpted, evenly-coated cake, make your brunch party cake stand out with a Pollockian splatter of syrup, whipping cream and berrries galore!

Featured Below: ButterYum

Nothing carries fall vibes more so than these crunchy bunch of syrup-sweet munch-ables!

Featured Below: WedLuxe

We recommend keeping track of the number of pancakes you go through – for future bragging purposes, of course.

Featured Below: Waitrose

Why not throw in another fall foodie motif when such a combination is deliciously possible?

Featured Below: The Spruce

Easy to make, easy to eat, – it’s a total win-win, if you ask us!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

And last but not least, let’s not forget the star of our post! Petite maple-leaf-shaped glass bottles make for fantastic guest favors!

Perhaps you’d like to consider a maple palette for your very own set of fall-season paper goods! Simply call for an appointment, or hit that like/follow button on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more weekly inspiration!

Trend Alert: We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Although the temperatures out around these days still waver in the 80s, September’s arrival is a silent reminder that summer is nearing its end. In the spirit of good times from summer 2017, we’d like to bring you a wedding trend feature that’ll make you reminisce on those midsummer’s days of lounging under the sun, soaking up all that Vitamin-D and sweating like a hog. But more importantly, after reading this blog you’ll be able to recall all the ice cream that you sought out, no doubt about that! Scroll down to check out various creative ways summer weddings have endeavored to include this sweet treat in their reception!

Featured Below: Kitchn

Ice cream cake is always a delicious alternative to regular cake!

Featured Below: Wedding Creative Blog

Or… how about a giant sundae? Not only is it much easier to share, there are no sharp knives involved either!

Featured Below: Noshing with the Nolands

Knowing how amazing orange creamsicles can be, this float version of the same treat must just be as delightful!

Featured Below: Bride and Breakfast

Keep the cones, switch out the actual ice cream for some color-coordinated floral pieces, and voilà! – you now have a gorgeous centerpiece!

Featured Below: The TomKat Studio

Shake things up a bit with the self-serve system! Here’s to a fantastic ice cream cookie experience!

Featured Below: Etsy

Fit in some custom-made utensils so your names are remembered!

Featured Below: Bridal Guide

Bring back the childhood familiarity of the ice cream truck – what a great way to bond with your guests!

Featured Below: The Cookie Rookie

Raspberry sorbet plus some pink champagne? It’s certainly making us drool just imagining how refreshing it would taste!

Whether it is flavor labels or bride-and-groom monograms – perhaps even a punny sign or two – connect with The Dandelion Patch through FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and we’ll provide you with the pretty paper you’ll need!

Have A Sweet Halloween

Happy Halloween! Halloween may fall on a Monday this year, but don’t let that stop you from celebrating. We’ve rounded up super easy, sweet treats that you can make today! They’re perfect for a last-minute party with friends or a pre-trick-or-treat snack for your kids! 

Featured Below: delish


Hocus Pocus fans won’t stop talking about these spell book s’mores pops!

Featured Below: Just a Taste


Here’s a twist on the classic cupcake. We love this pumpkin icing technique!

Featured Below: Country Living


Kids will love these spooky, monster krispies!

Featured Below: Everyday Occassions 


The cutest sugar cookies ever!

Featured Below: Refinery29


These festive chocolate covered pretzels are perfect for snacking!

We hope you have a Halloween night as sweet as these adorable treats! Simply follow the links for recipes. For more party planning tips and tricks, follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Monday Funday: Red, White, & Desserts

Happy Fourth, y’all! We’re thrilled to be celebrating America’s birthday, and we hope you’re in the spirit too! Today is the perfect day to hit the beach with friends or plan a backyard barbecue with your family. If you’re looking for a hostess gift or fun activity for the whole group, we’ve got you covered. One word: desserts!

We’ve rounded up the best ways to make your favorite desserts extra patriotic for the holiday! Get baking with your kids or surprise everyone at that pool party with cool treats! You’re sure to be a hit with these yummy desserts!

Featured Below: Seeded at the Table


Turn brownies in to a summer staple with frosting and fruit!

Featured Below: King Arthur Flour


Make a pie that’s berry delicious!

Featured Below: Simply Gloria


Sprinkle cookies are a simple way to have a red, white, and blue day!

Featured Below: HGTV


Patriotic popsicles are perfect for a pool party treat!

Featured Below: Betty Crocker


If you’re entertaining a large crowd, American flag cakes are easy and yummy!

Featured Below: Life Love and Sugar


 Don’t forget the rice krispies! They’re super fun to decorate with kids!

Featured Below: It’s Always Autumn


Finally, cool off at the fireworks with an ice cream cone!

Is your mouth watering, yet? We’re certainly ready to take a break from the beach for a yummy dessert! 

For more party planning tips, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Please share your Fourth of July dessert pictures with us too!