Holiday Special: Until Next Year, Red Green & White

While our twinkling lights twinkled and joyous voices caroled, the fa-la-la-la-festive day that we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Merry Christmas everybody! Up until now we haven’t had a chance to truly appreciate the holiday’s visual contributions to season’s celebrations, so we’ve compiled a collection of holly, jolly (at times even delicious) Christmas-inspired wedding features! Read on to sample essences of Christmas that we adore and will most certainly miss as we part ways with #xmas2017.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Cranberries are a huge feature of winter wedding decorations! You really can’t miss these ruby gems come holiday season.

Featured Below: Lush Fab Glam Blogazine

Another thing to miss? DESSERTS. Holy cow, the red-green-and-white only make them all the more irresistible! (‘Eat me! Eat me!’ squeak the little cupcake snowmen)

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake

Bouquets interspersed with deep reds and greens gave us the gradual, aesthetically-pleasing fall-to-winter transition that paralleled the weather outside!

Featured Below: MK Photography

Until next year, Christmas trees…

Featured Below: Southern Weddings

You’ll miss the chance to watch your trusty little helpers scurry down your aisle ahead looking absolutely darling in rich ribboning!

Featured Below: Artfully Wed

Unfortunately, candy canes seem to take on much larger roles prior to/while building up to Christmas-time, but it’s still worth noticing even if in preparation for the next year!

Featured Below: Essense of Australia

Sparkles and glitter are the definition of Christmas! You’ll want to keep an eye out for these glamorous gowns!

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake

Naked cake of red-white-and green remind us of an edible winter wonderland!

Featured Below: The Cookie Rookie

Cocktails bearing the cheerful spirit of the Christmas holiday: You shall be greatly missed!

But until this day is over, we wish you the merriest Christmas with all the red-green-white grandeur you have left to celebrate with!

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Palette Patch: Red As A Poppy, Blue Like Robin Eggs

Poppy red isn’t usually one to make an appearance during wedding season – especially not during the summertime. Being so close in color tone with primary red, it would often be paired with colors to reflect specific themes and reasons of celebration. For instance, when paired with green or white, people think Christmas; when paired with blue, people think America. Imagine our surprise as we discovered another color-combo fit for our current sun-kissed season! Poppy red, paired with lighter hues of blue or aqua – “robin egg blue”, as we would like to call it. This juxtaposed pairing not only successfully steers clear of both Christmastime and American themes, but it manages also to exert its own quality and ambience! Keep scrolling to check for more inspirations!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

Go totally retro with these soda pop glass bottles as center pieces! 

Featured Below: Etsy

You want to be marrying a handsome man that’ll come to sweep you off your feet come wedding day! We suggest wearing a robin egg blue boutonniere or blue suspenders to perfect your color-coordination.

Featured Below: D Weddings

Umbrellas in the summer: we call them “Sun-brellas”!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Perhaps it’s due to the strawberries pooled at its base that the cake now knows how to maintain its summer day vibes with its otherwise red-and-blue exterior!

Featured Below: French Wedding Style

Here’s a frontal view of the two colors working together! The poppy red bouquet looks absolutely ravishing against the lighter greenish-blue tone immediately behind!

Featured Below: Pinterest/Inspiring Pretty

Aside from the flowing, calf-length dress and those absolutely gorgeous peep-toe heels – what else would you still need once you’ve got both a polished husband-to-be and a spunky little pup right by your side!

Featured Below: Every Last Detail

In addition to retro, people have incorporated our featured color pair in beach or ocean themed weddings, just with the addition of a few simple seashells and painted twigs to mimic coral.

Whether or not you decide that this is the color palette for you, we’ll be more than happy to help you create perfectly fitting stationary for your wedding! Come check out our gallery of pretty paper for more inspiration at The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Palette Patch: A Splash of Coral In the Turquoise Sea

Today’s Palette Patch presents yet another summer favorite wedding color palette: Coral and turquoise! In the past, people have frequently incorporated this color scheme in ceremonies on beachy shores or rustic ranches. Regardless of which setting you choose, these near-complimentary colors are undeniably exhilarating and will surely your leave your guests with vivid memories of this day!

Featured Below: Artfully Wed

Picture this: a single coral carnation, floating calmly in the gentle waves of the sea… Too cheesy? Yeah, well, it still looks too perfect for eating, so no harm done.

Featured Below: The Knot

What’s more fun than being a flower girl at a beach wedding? Getting dolled up in a fancy dress with coral and turquoise ribbons and sashes, duh!

Featured Below: Etsy

These high-saturation hues work wonders in the smallest details of a bridal outfit, aka the jewelry department!

Featured Below: Ruffled

All this bright color in front, above, behind…you’d expect it to be overwhelming, but the massive amount of white and silver is there to provide the satisfying aesthetic balance!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Starfish and burlap seem to be a reoccurring theme when it comes to a coral-and-turquoise combo – and why not? They all look great together!

Featured Below: The Knot

The great thing about cupcakes is that you can get them to easily match any color scheme – all you need is faith, trust, and lots of food coloring!

Featured Below: Elizabeth Friske Photography

Enter the Groom-and-Groomsmen Squad, whose checkered bow ties and necktie pair handsomely with their coral boutonnieres!

Featured Below: Becca Rillo Photography

The bride looks positively radiant as she’s framed by the vibrant coral glow of her ladies!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Or, if you’re one to prefer a more toned-down version of this palette, a light soothing turquoise shade has its own magical way of achieving beauty too!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

These gorgeous bridal kimonos are more than enough to sway us! Who wouldn’t want to bring home one of these as a wedding souvenir?

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Since these are such dramatic hues, we recommend completing the palette with neutralizing tones such as greys, whites, or golds!

If this is the theme for you, connect with us through FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, or hop on over to The Dandelion Patch! With a simple call for an appointment, you’ll be off boasting your coral-sprinkled, turquoise-tuned wedding in no time!

Palette Patch: Bright Yellows With a Chance of Grey

Within the wedding industry, yellow typically presents as a color for Spring marriages, but who’s to say it can’t be a color for summertime ceremonies too? Yellow can mean hope, cheerfulness, positivity, energy. Bright yellows remind us of the summer sun and DIY lemonade stands from elementary school. In order to post accordingly with the current season, we’ve paired our bright yellows with grey. Check out some of the ways people have incorporated this sunny palette into their dream wedding!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

These golden floral poms lining the aisles are just so adorable! We love that they line the aisle almost like lanterns lighting the way, just a bit more suitable for the daytime.

Featured Below: The Knot

The yellow and grey adornments go so fittingly with the white cake – let’s just look at it for a bit longer…

Featured Below: Something Turquoise

And we all know dancing feet are a must-treat! Have your guests prancing off into the summer sunshine with these bright yellow and grey flip-flops!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

It only makes sense that photo booth accessories comply with the theme of the party!

Featured Below: A Good Affair

Featured Below: Marry Me Tampa Bay

Just imagine how dashing the groom (and possibly his groomsmen) would look in yellow and grey!

Featured Below: Borrowed & Blue

Matching argyle socks will definitely have the ladies swooning!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

A message for all brides: have some fun dressing your girls up in this color scheme! Check out these bold and sassy yellow heels!

Featured Below: Bridal Musings

Perhaps you’d prefer some greek-inspired floor length dresses instead? The grace and elegance captured in this style will surely leave your guests spellbound!

Featured Below: Marry-XOXO

Careful – if you get carried away and dress ’em up too cute, they might just steal the spotlight!

Featured Below: Every Last Detail

All the delectable sweets you’ll ever need, brought to you in the finest of bright yellows and greyscale.

Are you as captivated as we are after looking through these samples of bright-yellow-and-grey themed weddings? This is a palette that positively radiates happiness, with a spark of childhood innocence and energy! Catch The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and let us help you create your very own suite of wedding stationary to match your ideal color scheme!

A Pantone-Inspired Wedding

Pantone’s 2016 color of the year is a soft blend of two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity! Pantone Color Institute’s Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman, says “joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.” 

We think these colors make the perfect palette for a spring 2016 wedding!

Featured Below: Pantone


How gorgeous does this couple look in a Serenity suit and Rose Quartz dress?!

Featured Below: InStyle


Something old, something new… something borrowed, something *Serenity* blue!

Featured Below: ModWedding


Amazing way to incorporate both colors in a table setting. Those candlesticks are fantastic!

Featured Below: Brabbu


Bridesmaid perfection in Rose Quartz dresses and bouquets!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty


Pantone-colored macaroons?! Yes please.

Featured Below: The Chic Stylista


This bridal bouquet is a perfect mix of both colors… And we are loving Serenity blue on a groom for a spring wedding!

Featured Below: Polka Dot Bride


Long story short, we are in love with Pantone’s color of the year. Are you incorporating this pretty palette in your wedding?  Share with us on Facebook! And don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest/Instagram @TheDandelionPatch for more wedding trends!