Friday Facts: All about Cheese!

Happy Friday everyone! We hope everyone had a great week! Now it’s time for some relaxing and to read up on cheese! Yes, cheese! Brides today are now picking cheese as a healthier (more savory) alternative to cake. This way they still get the affect of having a cake but it is still something unique to your own personality! 

Featured Below: My Wedding

Have your wedding cake out of cheese wheels with toppings of fruits to make the colors pop! 

Featured Below: My Wedding

Have markers in the laters so guest know what you are serving! 

Featured Below: Notable Wedding 

Still want to have a cake for your reception but need something for cocktail hour? Have a cheese and meat spread for your guest to snack on! 

Featured Below: Nouba

Loving all the texture that this cake brings! It is so fun how the different cheeses makes this so unique! 

Featured  Below: Becca Dilly 

Whats better than a cheese wheel cake? The cute bride and groom mouse toppers! 

We love that couples are stepping outside of the norms for their wedding! It is another aspect of their ceremony and reception that is so personalized to them! 

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A “Hole” Lotta Donuts on Display

Happy Monday, everyone! We’ve decided to start off this week’s inspiration posts with a year-round-favorite munchable – donuts! Regardless of which party they feature in – brunch reception or bridal party, birthday celebration or holiday dinner (@ X’mas!) – presentation is key to a sugar-glazed success! Work up displays like these and we guarantee a “lit” factor of cream-coated fingers and jelly-filled joyousness!

Featured Below: Circusberry

As the author of this blog had said, putting anything on a stick and tying a ribbon at the end makes it a part of something much more festive! Of course, a drink pairing doesn’t hurt either – hence the apple cider.

Featured Below: Our Messy Table

Typically you can only fit one donut in each hand, but now you’ll be able to snag as many as you can fit via kabob skewers!

Featured Below: Ruffled

Top off your delicious donut stack with with a whipped cream finish! Florals serve as an excellent garnishing device, so use them to your advantage!

Featured Below: Pink The Town

Sweet treats for only the most glitter glam of donut diners!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

Even if you didn’t like blueberry all that much, or cake all that much, you’ll probably say yes to this one just for the topping!

Featured Below: Instagram

Which one to begin with will be the most difficult question you have ever asked yourself as you stand in front of this wall of sugar-filled well-roundedness!

Featured Below: Something Turquoise

Pack a treat for each of your lovely guests!

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

*Insert romantic donut pun* 😉

Featured Below: Instagram

A donut for me, a donut for you!

Featured Below: Instagram

Hook ’em up for all to see!

Featured Below: Instagram

Practice your typography skills with some delicious donut letters!

With so much pun-tential on the table, we gladly offer our “hole”some paper services for any signage or labeling for a donut display that’ll leave guests absolutely dumbfounded! Connect with The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more inspiration in Foodtopia (because we also donut have very strong resolve when it comes to rainbow candy sprinkles and frosting)!

Trend Alert: One-Tiered Wonders

We’re used to seeing wedding cakes in size “Tall”, in all their three- or four-tier glory. Here, we’ve compiled a series of single-tiered cakes, decorated just as exquisitely – only more petite, and more approachable! Although larger cakes gather attention right away, their smaller alternatives are also extremely impressive, as all of the raw talent of these artists are essentially condensed into one little tier. You’ll be shocked to see just how mind-blowingly ornate and well-crafted these delectable creations can be!

Featured Below: Instagram

Hands up high if you’re already drooling!

Featured Below: Instagram

A simple greenery, white and gold cake transformed into a fabulous display, just with a flourish of orchids!

Featured Below: Instagram

I spy with my little eye, a wondrous piece of art nearby…

Featured Below: Buttercream Bakery

Don’t be fooled by these rosy buttercream prints! Unlike the previous piece, the marks on this “LOVE”-ly cake are created from finger-painting.

Featured Below: Instagram

This absolutely irresistable features six layers of chocolate filled with equally chocolatey ganache! Warning: frequent use of “chocolate” as adjective to describe said cake quick to follow.

Featured Below: Instagram

Golden drips make for a golden wedding, yes?

Featured Below: Instagram

According to the creator’s description, this cake features purple buttercream paired with turquoise isomalt. Oh, and did we mention it had upside-down drips?

Featured Below: Historias del Ciervo

The only cherry bomb dot com – with this incredible design and palette, why not throw in some matching cupcakes too?

Featured Below: Instagram

This cake would probably look just as enticing even with just the painterly florals.

Featured Below: Maggie Austin Cake

Painted cake, oil on canvas cake.

Featured Below: Brides

Soft sprinklings of sugar bring about mysterious chalky effect, but that’s the very quality that draws people in.

Feautured Below: Instagram

And we’re rounding it all up with a fluffy gingerbread cake with caramelized apples and topped with brown butter frosting!

Perhaps the design of your cake will inspire a concept for pretty paper, or vice versa. Feel free to call us for an appointment; we’d love to discuss your ideas in person! In the meantime, it only takes one click to connect with us through our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Trend Alert: We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Although the temperatures out around these days still waver in the 80s, September’s arrival is a silent reminder that summer is nearing its end. In the spirit of good times from summer 2017, we’d like to bring you a wedding trend feature that’ll make you reminisce on those midsummer’s days of lounging under the sun, soaking up all that Vitamin-D and sweating like a hog. But more importantly, after reading this blog you’ll be able to recall all the ice cream that you sought out, no doubt about that! Scroll down to check out various creative ways summer weddings have endeavored to include this sweet treat in their reception!

Featured Below: Kitchn

Ice cream cake is always a delicious alternative to regular cake!

Featured Below: Wedding Creative Blog

Or… how about a giant sundae? Not only is it much easier to share, there are no sharp knives involved either!

Featured Below: Noshing with the Nolands

Knowing how amazing orange creamsicles can be, this float version of the same treat must just be as delightful!

Featured Below: Bride and Breakfast

Keep the cones, switch out the actual ice cream for some color-coordinated floral pieces, and voilà! – you now have a gorgeous centerpiece!

Featured Below: The TomKat Studio

Shake things up a bit with the self-serve system! Here’s to a fantastic ice cream cookie experience!

Featured Below: Etsy

Fit in some custom-made utensils so your names are remembered!

Featured Below: Bridal Guide

Bring back the childhood familiarity of the ice cream truck – what a great way to bond with your guests!

Featured Below: The Cookie Rookie

Raspberry sorbet plus some pink champagne? It’s certainly making us drool just imagining how refreshing it would taste!

Whether it is flavor labels or bride-and-groom monograms – perhaps even a punny sign or two – connect with The Dandelion Patch through FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and we’ll provide you with the pretty paper you’ll need!

Trend Alert: A Painted Cake Masterpiece

Browsing wedding cake designs can be pretty overwhelming and chaotic, but we’ve narrowed down options to a currently rising trend: hand-painted cakes! However, the irony here is that by introducing this trend, we’ve also expanded your horizon of design choices. Your cake is now a blank canvas, and every other decision made in terms of color or additional adornments are now influenced by your “painting”. Check out these stunningly delectable selections you’d be able to call your own on one of the most important days of your life!

Featured Below: Ruffled

Gentle watercolor washes arranged in layers and gradients possess an innate soothing quality.

Featured Below: MyWedding

Floral arrangements at weddings don’t apply to bouquets only! We find that combining the use of painted patterns and actual flower embellishments often produces the most ideal day-of-celebration cake!

Featured Below: Pinterest

Black-and-white painted cakes liken to a pencil or ink drawing from a sketchbook; with a bit of imagination, you’d think the drawing of poppies were about to come to life (full color spectrum-style)!

Featured Below: Buzzfeed

Repeating patterns work excellently painted on. So do metallics!

Featured Below: Green Wedding Shoes

Paint a scene! Perhaps this is the city where you first met?

Featured Below: Now Kiss The Bride

Chalk it up with some chalkboard paint! Consider this a modern twist of a romantic chalkboard message!

Featured Below: Burnett’s Board

The words on this cake are just barely readable, but yours do not have to be! Remember, it’s the message that counts, and if you can write a beautiful poem to express your love for one another, what better way to draw people’s attention than to put it on your wedding day cake?

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

As hand-painted work, there just had to be something inspired by famous art work or art movements in the past! Here’s a cake painted over in the uneven, lineated style of the Art Nouveau.

Featured Below: Ruffled

This “painter’s palette” look is the key in giving the cake its carefree, retro edge.

Wow your guests (and essentially the whole world-wide-web, once pictures are posted) with a painted masterpiece! Here at The Dandelion Patch, we’ll help you match your paper goods and complete the look of your wedding! Follow and connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Trend Alert: Save Room For Dessert (Stations)

In all the hullabaloo of planning for that dream wedding, one is also expected to decide on a full-course meal that includes food options for the entree, main course, and – last but not least – DESSERT! Ever heard of dessert stations? This rising trend introduces us to buffet-styled dessert bars and tables; gone are the days of limited dessert options decided in advance by the bride and groom to be a part of the formal course. Not only do dessert stations help guarantee that guests stay busy and active, they also offer a greater range of food for eager wedding participants to sample from, keeping them fully entertained. Perhaps it’s time to set out a few days in your own planning calendar and arrange for a dessert station (or multiple, up to you!) Remember – this is your chance to go berserk with that menu!

Featured Below: Belle The Magazine

Miniature pies – bringing you greater varieties in greater quantities; in conclusion, the best pies.

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake


Bite-sized proportions make it possible for guests to try a little bit of everything!

Featured Below: Happy Wedd

Keep in mind that presentation plays a huge role in wowing your guests, but don’t be afraid to try something totally out-of-the-ordinary! Circular tree trunk slabs are often used to complement the outdoor-camper themed reception or add a touch of rustic vibes.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Fruit can be dessert too…as long as you throw in some chocolate or caramel dip!

Featured Below: Absolute Perfection

Here’s another one of those magically baked creations that will have guests standing mouth-open (most likely in awe, but probably also drooling) in the presence of such beauty!

Featured Below: Buzzfeed

Although I’m not entirely sure how this is supposed to be eaten, a wedding-cake-shaped cheese tower is quite a sight to behold, don’t you think?

Featured Below: WedLuxe

Variety is a must-have for your dessert station, but to have a themed variety – now that’ll scream “EAT ME” more than anything!

What dessert stations would you host at your reception? Let us help you create freshly-made, irresistibly sweet labels and menus for your selection of desserts! Simply call to make an appointment with The Dandelion Patch and be sure to connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Palette Patch: Bright Yellows With a Chance of Grey

Within the wedding industry, yellow typically presents as a color for Spring marriages, but who’s to say it can’t be a color for summertime ceremonies too? Yellow can mean hope, cheerfulness, positivity, energy. Bright yellows remind us of the summer sun and DIY lemonade stands from elementary school. In order to post accordingly with the current season, we’ve paired our bright yellows with grey. Check out some of the ways people have incorporated this sunny palette into their dream wedding!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

These golden floral poms lining the aisles are just so adorable! We love that they line the aisle almost like lanterns lighting the way, just a bit more suitable for the daytime.

Featured Below: The Knot

The yellow and grey adornments go so fittingly with the white cake – let’s just look at it for a bit longer…

Featured Below: Something Turquoise

And we all know dancing feet are a must-treat! Have your guests prancing off into the summer sunshine with these bright yellow and grey flip-flops!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

It only makes sense that photo booth accessories comply with the theme of the party!

Featured Below: A Good Affair

Featured Below: Marry Me Tampa Bay

Just imagine how dashing the groom (and possibly his groomsmen) would look in yellow and grey!

Featured Below: Borrowed & Blue

Matching argyle socks will definitely have the ladies swooning!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

A message for all brides: have some fun dressing your girls up in this color scheme! Check out these bold and sassy yellow heels!

Featured Below: Bridal Musings

Perhaps you’d prefer some greek-inspired floor length dresses instead? The grace and elegance captured in this style will surely leave your guests spellbound!

Featured Below: Marry-XOXO

Careful – if you get carried away and dress ’em up too cute, they might just steal the spotlight!

Featured Below: Every Last Detail

All the delectable sweets you’ll ever need, brought to you in the finest of bright yellows and greyscale.

Are you as captivated as we are after looking through these samples of bright-yellow-and-grey themed weddings? This is a palette that positively radiates happiness, with a spark of childhood innocence and energy! Catch The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and let us help you create your very own suite of wedding stationary to match your ideal color scheme!

Trend Alert: DMV Foodie Finds

Our location in Tysons Corner, VA puts us perfectly in the center of the hub of Virginia, Maryland, and the D.C. area! Many of our brides hail from the states of Virginia or Maryland and  are looking for the freshest food for their wedding. The Patchettes have put together a perfect guide for any local bride who hopes to make the most of their location by using food famous in their states! Local bites are seriously trendy in the wedding world right now, so here’s your look at how to execute this delicious trend at your wedding! Even if you aren’t from the area, we won’t tell if you won’t!

Baltimore, Maryland: Crabs, crabs, and MORE crabs!

Featured Below: Washingtonian

The Chesapeake Bay has some of the finest crabs and oysters to offer. Consider incorporating some of this succulent sea food into your wedding menu!

Virginia: Peanut Pie

Featured Below: Food Network

Peanuts are a classic staple of the Virginian diet. This peanut pie is the perfect way to give your guests another dessert option instead of classic cake!

Central and Southern VA: Apple Pies

Featured Below: Bakers Royale

Apple pie is a classic, and is especially delicious when made with Virginia apples! These mini apple pies are bite-sized perfection for your guests to catch a quick snack and then head back onto the dance floor.

Northern Virginia: Mushrooms

Featured Below: Table for Two

Not only are mushrooms a traditionally Northern Virginia delicacy, but this stuffed mushroom recipe also includes turkey, another famed Virginia food!

Washington, DC: Ben’s Chili Bowl Half-Smokes

Featured Below: Thrillist

Any D.C. foodie knows Ben’s Chili Bowl- their famed half-smokes (half pork half beef sausage) are famous world-wide! Use chili, dogs, or fries in your wedding menu for a more casual feast.

Baltimore, Maryland: Crab Cakes

Featured Below: Family Feed Bag

Crab cakes are the perfect-sized appetizer for any affair. Especially a wedding where you are entertaining Marylanders!

Maryland: Smith Island Cake

Featured Below: Only in your State

Made famous by the Smith Island Cake Co. in Maryland, these delicious 10-layer confections are the perfect way to surprise your guests with a scrumptious dessert!

Virginia: Grits

Featured Below: Pizzazzerie

Nothing says “Southern wedding” quite like grits! The way to make this trend work for your wedding is to use small portions and pair it with a protein (like how this recipe chose shrimp). 

Virginia: Sweet Tea

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Speaking of Southern traditions, nothing is quite as sweet as sweet tea! This isn’t just regular iced tea: many Southerners are proud to have their own recipe for sweet tea! Give your guests this sugary and alcohol-free beverage choice!

The DMV is filled with so many delicious food options for brides. For more inspiration for your weddings or to check out some of our pretty paper visit us at The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

Trend Alert: Translucent Cakes!

If you attended a wedding last year, you probably ate a slice of a trendy, naked cake! Naked cakes skip the fondant and outer icing all together. Despite the lack of decor, they were a huge hit. Well, translucent cakes are the next big thing in wedding cake design! According to The Knot‘s 2017 Wedding Trends, translucent cakes are the cake of the future! Basically, it’s similar to a naked cake but with a thin layer of icing. Think: sweet, but not too sweet! Yum!

Featured Below: CK Wedding and Event Design


A translucent cake has just bits of cake peeking through!

Featured Below: Polka Dot Bride


We love this rustic version!

Featured Below: Weddings and Events


Edible florals make a great statement on a translucent cake!

Featured Below: Instagram


Simple and sweet!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty


Make it tropical and translucent for extra fun!

We love this cake trend! It’s the naked cake 2.0. What do you think? Share with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

A Modern Twist on Nautical Editorial

You might have seen a pink and navy wedding before, but you certainly haven’t seen it done like this. Today’s editorial shoot, expertly styled by Sincerely Pete Events, puts a new twist on this traditionally preppy color scheme. Captured by Procopio Photography, this wedding look combines a nautical theme with an industrial setting for a fresh, modern aesthetic. From compass escort cards to an anchor cake, the small details are what make this editorial shoot truly unique. We’re also obsessed with these floral masterpieces, perfect for a gallery venue!

navy3 navy2 navy4 navy6 navy5 navy8 navy7

We were so thrilled to work with this fabulous team of vendors! Thank you for making this day happen!

Photography: Procopio Photography | Event Planning: Sincerely Pete Events | Floral Design: Nature of Design by Janet Flowers | Design & Decor: Salt & Sundry | Cake Design: Fancy Cakes by Leslie | Venue: Fathom Gallery | Beauty: Ariel Lewis LLC | Wedding Dress Designer: Theia | Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Hayley Paige Occasions | Bridal Salon: Ellie’s Bridal Boutique | Calligraphy: Laura Hooper Calligraphy | Favors and Gifts: Teak and Twine | Stationery: The Dandelion Patch