Trend Alert: Winter Knick-Knacks n’ Wraps

The wintry weather doesn’t excuse anyone from its chilly touch – not even the prettiest of brides and bridesmaids! But no worries, we’ve found some lovely solutions on our shoulders, (literally). Check them out below!

Featured Below: Hey Wedding Lady

Use your scarves and shawls to highlight the undeniable beauty of some of this season’s classic palettes! Watch how these ladies stand angelic and all aglow draped in shimmery winter wonder!

Featured Below: Coastal Bride

You can never have enough of classic tri-tonal-plaid blanket scarves!

Featured Below: Southern Weddings

Vibrant contrasts make quite the visual statement, don’t you think?

Featured Below: Luxe Mountain Weddings

Matching fur collars not only look oh-so-chic and fabulous in photos, but they’ll also keep your girlfriends cozy and warm during your winter wedding!

Featured Below: The Knot

Colorful scarf giveaways with a smart little rhyme – how practical and adorable!

Featured Below: Ruffled

For all who are uniform-phobic: here’s a chance to spontaneously mis-match the heck out of a “let’s-coordinate-everything!” occasion and still look absolutely charming!

Featured Below: Green Wedding Shoes

A chic indie fringed wrap might not be the ideal winter-season look, but it certainly holds an excellent sprinkle of texture for any who prefers something unconventional!

Featured Below: Etsy

While thin, textured scarves hold certain appeal, how can one not be utterly smitten by matching half-mitts?

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Red and green for the holidays, white for the bride, and GOLD – just because there’s no such thing as too much golden-glory-glam for occasions like these!

Pick and choose your wrap accessories colors wisely, because they might feature well in some custom curated invitations! In the meantime, check out our pretty paper gallery at The Dandelion Patch’s FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more inspiration!

Trend Alert: Boots on the Loose

This time around the year is usually when people start reaching in their shoe closets to exchange their flats and light sneakers for boots to better fit the chilling weather outside – so it’s only fair if brides and bridesmaids get to don cozy, protective footwear on this special day too! And yes: it IS possible to look cute while wearing clunky boots! Don’t believe us? Just keep reading, and we’ll try not to remind you at the end that “we told you so”!

Featured Below: Ruffled

There’s something about Victorian-styled booties that simply speaks grace and sophistication!

Featured Below: Martha Stewart Weddings

Here’s a hodgepodge of boots to sample from! Can you guess which one belongs to the bride?

Featured Below: Junebug Weddings

Heavy-soled and durable, these lace-ups are quite ideal for a romantic elopement in the mountains!

Featured Below: Borrowed and Blue

Speaking of boots, we certainly can’t leave out the star selections for the classic country wedding!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

White for the bride, of course!

Featured Below: Cowgirl Magazine

But you can have fun with these too! Try this brilliant blue, or any other boot-iful hue, for a truly-“you” country experience!

Feaured Below: Pinterest

Experience what it’s like to walk in the shoes – correction, boots! – of your bad*ss, firefighting groom.

Featured Below: Popsugar

Go emerald green for a strong win-win: not only does it perfectly match any classic greenery and white palette for aesthetically pleasing photo opportunities, but your bridesmaids will most likely remain best friends with you forever just for the fact that you got her Hunter boots in a color that’ll look good with anything.

Featured Below: A Crimson Kiss

Even though they’re supposed to be covered by your skirt for most of the event, a pair so lustrous and dazzling will not subject to being hidden underneath forever!

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

Bean boots are not only in trend, but also gender fluid! Take this opportunity to get yourselves some matching footwear for one of the most important days of your lives!

Featured Below: NY Daily News

Did you know UGGs Australia has their own line of bridal boots? Checkout their “I Do” collection for more options made for the cozy-toed bride!

To be practical or be pretty? We say be both! Boot season is here, everyone, so it’s time to let out those boots on the loose!

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Flower Crowns for the Non-Bride

Flower crowns have remained a favorite among bridal hair accessories as boho trends continue to trickle through the wedding community. Typically, one would expect the bride to wear it down the aisle, as the bright blooms work to be quite attention-grabbing. Today’s post, however, brings consideration to the inverse: what would happen if other featured guests at your celebration had the opportunity to flaunt their own set of fragrant floral circlets upon their heads as well?

Featured Below: Ruffled

No one will be able to direct their gazes elsewhere when this little darling steps out in a crown of rosy blooms!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Make that TWO little darlings! Matching florals will have hearts melting in no time!

Featured Below: Brit + Co

The more, the merrier!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

You’ll be the one in white, alright – experiment with brighter colors, and you’ll find that it does nothing to detract attention from yourself!

Featured Below: Green Wedding Shoes

Gracefully glide down that aisle among a flurry of bright red-and-orange flowers!

Featured Below: Martha Stewart Weddings

“…anyone can be a princess today,” declared Mia Thermopolis of the Princess Die. Well, guess what, grandmothers – so can you!

Featured Below: Martha Stewart Weddings

Mommy & Me flower crowns? Excellent idea!

Consider applying your floral palette to your selection of pretty paper, or vice-versa! We’d love to work with you to coordinate the colors! In the meantime, follow The Dandelion Patch on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to check out our galleries or receive regular samples of our work!

Palette Patch: Red As A Poppy, Blue Like Robin Eggs

Poppy red isn’t usually one to make an appearance during wedding season – especially not during the summertime. Being so close in color tone with primary red, it would often be paired with colors to reflect specific themes and reasons of celebration. For instance, when paired with green or white, people think Christmas; when paired with blue, people think America. Imagine our surprise as we discovered another color-combo fit for our current sun-kissed season! Poppy red, paired with lighter hues of blue or aqua – “robin egg blue”, as we would like to call it. This juxtaposed pairing not only successfully steers clear of both Christmastime and American themes, but it manages also to exert its own quality and ambience! Keep scrolling to check for more inspirations!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

Go totally retro with these soda pop glass bottles as center pieces! 

Featured Below: Etsy

You want to be marrying a handsome man that’ll come to sweep you off your feet come wedding day! We suggest wearing a robin egg blue boutonniere or blue suspenders to perfect your color-coordination.

Featured Below: D Weddings

Umbrellas in the summer: we call them “Sun-brellas”!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Perhaps it’s due to the strawberries pooled at its base that the cake now knows how to maintain its summer day vibes with its otherwise red-and-blue exterior!

Featured Below: French Wedding Style

Here’s a frontal view of the two colors working together! The poppy red bouquet looks absolutely ravishing against the lighter greenish-blue tone immediately behind!

Featured Below: Pinterest/Inspiring Pretty

Aside from the flowing, calf-length dress and those absolutely gorgeous peep-toe heels – what else would you still need once you’ve got both a polished husband-to-be and a spunky little pup right by your side!

Featured Below: Every Last Detail

In addition to retro, people have incorporated our featured color pair in beach or ocean themed weddings, just with the addition of a few simple seashells and painted twigs to mimic coral.

Whether or not you decide that this is the color palette for you, we’ll be more than happy to help you create perfectly fitting stationary for your wedding! Come check out our gallery of pretty paper for more inspiration at The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Pool Party, Cool Party, Wedding Day Festivity

Summertime holds a plethora of creative possibilities when it comes to weddings, one of which includes a favorite American pastime of the season – going to the pool! Or rather, to better fit our intended scenario – “having a pool present (while your guests come to you to help celebrate.)” While the tiny body of shimmering water appears particularly inviting when one is constantly enveloped by the fiery temperatures of Earth life, we are (unfortunately) not here today to discuss pool parties, or splashing, not even tanning. Instead, we’ve decided that pools can play a huge role in wedding decor too! In other words, to compensate for the lack of water-based activity, simply throw yourself into amplifying the visual properties of “pool time” instead!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

No need to keep track of each individual piece of decoration when you can simply project mesmerizing textures onto the water’s surface!

Featured Below: Georgianna Lane

Another effortless way to beautify your liquid space: flowers! We think vibrant individual blooms such as the ones pictured above work best in delivering the natural, organic look; they seem to carry a bit more control in presentation than the arbitrary sprinkling of petals.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

But if you’re up for a more cohesive arrangement, bouquets are fabulous pool accents too! From far away, they’re practically giant, colorful, floating pom-poms!

Featured Below: Ruffled

Candlelight in the evening gives off a soft glow that’ll keep up the cheerful spirits!

Featured Below: A Grateful Life

Imagine crickets chirping, the voices of the wedding celebration floating in the background just as these paper lanterns rest on the water’s surface and provide none other than a soothing presence at the end of the day.

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake

What’s a wedding without monograms? We’ve also seen people spell out entire letters

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Make a cute “cover” for your pool by stringing up some floral pieces and weaving them across the surface! Get that burst of color going on your fancy flower web!

Featured Below: Bridal Guide

Who knew walking, much less dancing, on water would ever be possible on your wedding day? Count on plexiglass to perform wonders to wow!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Not your average way of hosting a bridesmaids’ party, but having to scavenge the waters for the one box with your name on makes this all the more enticing!

Featured Below: Jenny Cookies

If you’re planning an absolute fiesta, we say go all out with pool floats!

Got a cool pool (wedding) party in mind or upcoming? We at The Dandelion Patch would love to hear about how you plan to decorate your pool space! Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

How to: Gift your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids have been there for you during this whole crazy process that is wedding planning. Everything from your late night breakdowns over the font on your invitations to popping bottles at the bachelorette party: they have been there through it all! And now it’s time for you to say thanks! These girls are some of your best friends, and deserve the best gift that you can give them (within budget of course!). We’ve collected a list of some of the hottest gifts brides are giving this season just for you. If you’re in a giving mood, also check out our ideas on how to gift your guests from out of town!

Monogrammed Water Bottles

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals


Swell bottles are all anyone is using these days to drink on the go! Get your girls something they will love to use after the wedding is over- with a personal touch of a monogram!

Custom Candles

Featured Below:The Shabby Wick

Nothing smells sweeter than a candle gifted by your favorite bride! Help your friends unwind after a stressful day with these custom candles, which you could also monogram for more personalization.

Gift Basket

Featured Below: Beau Coup

We know it takes a village to get through the wedding day. If you have some money in your budget to spoil your bridesmaids, give them a gift basket with all kinds of goodies like nail polish, jewelry, candy, or mini hangover kits!

Mini Champagne

Featured Below: Paper + Lace


Everyone loves a little bubbly- especially at a wedding! Treat your friends to some treats before the wedding to get everyone in the partying mood.


Featured Below: BHLDN

This is the gift perfect for brides who want matching pictures in their bridal suites as they get ready for the big day! Added bonus: the bridesmaids get to take them home and use them again and again.

Day-of Jewelry

Featured Below: For the Maids

Want to ensure a cohesive look among your bridesmaids on your wedding day? Gift them a piece of jewelry that they will wear on your day. One less thing for them to worry about purchasing!

Craving more wedding inspiration? Or just dying to check out some of our pretty paper? Visit us at The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

Very Berry Bridesmaids

We are so excited that fall is just around the corner! Last Monday, we shared our favorite trendy bouquets for fall weddings. You can scroll down for that post, filled with cream chrysanthemums and red roses!

Today, we were inspired by those rich hues of autumn and decided to round up our favorite bridesmaid dresses for the changing seasons! Our favorite shades for fall are deep raspberry and plum. These look great on any skin tone, and berry shades are perfect for the transitioning weather. You’ll also love these looks if you’re planning a vineyard wedding at one of Northern Virginia’s local wineries, because they’re reminiscent of your favorite red wine. 

Featured Below: Chic Vintage Brides


A dark lip completes this plum look!

Featured Below: Elizabeth Anne Designs


We’re really falling for these fall shades!

Featured Below: The Wedding Playbook


This retro look is very trendy for fall weddings!

Featured Below: The Wedding Chicks


Brunettes were made for berry bridesmaid dresses!

Featured Below: Bridal Guide


How stunning are those lace necklines?

Featured Below: Eric Kelley Photography


Mix it up with light and dark shades of berry colors!

Featured Below: Chic Vintage Bride


Let your bouquets pop with a few lighter shades mixed in!

We hope you’ll consider these hues for your fall wedding! We certainly think they’d make for beautiful invitations too. To meet with our Patchettes, please make an appointment at our Tysons Corner showroom. You can also keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter