Flower Crowns for the Non-Bride

Flower crowns have remained a favorite among bridal hair accessories as boho trends continue to trickle through the wedding community. Typically, one would expect the bride to wear it down the aisle, as the bright blooms work to be quite attention-grabbing. Today’s post, however, brings consideration to the inverse: what would happen if other featured guests at your celebration had the opportunity to flaunt their own set of fragrant floral circlets upon their heads as well?

Featured Below: Ruffled

No one will be able to direct their gazes elsewhere when this little darling steps out in a crown of rosy blooms!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Make that TWO little darlings! Matching florals will have hearts melting in no time!

Featured Below: Brit + Co

The more, the merrier!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

You’ll be the one in white, alright – experiment with brighter colors, and you’ll find that it does nothing to detract attention from yourself!

Featured Below: Green Wedding Shoes

Gracefully glide down that aisle among a flurry of bright red-and-orange flowers!

Featured Below: Martha Stewart Weddings

“…anyone can be a princess today,” declared Mia Thermopolis of the Princess Die. Well, guess what, grandmothers – so can you!

Featured Below: Martha Stewart Weddings

Mommy & Me flower crowns? Excellent idea!

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Up, Up and Away!

What is it about hot air balloons that instantly *lifts* our moods? Maybe it’s the promise of traveling to new and exciting places. Maybe it’s the pure novelty of rising into the clouds with nothing but a balloon to keep you afloat. Maybe it’s just the little “Wizard of Oz”-obsessed kid inside of us, squealing with excitement. 

Whatever it is, it is undeniable that hot air balloons bring joy and whimsy wherever they go. That’s what makes them the perfect theme for a baby shower! 

Featured Above: Little Big Company – Below Left: The Party Press – Below Right: 100 Layer Cakelet

Featured Above: Anders Ruff – Below Left: Kara’s Party Ideas – Below Right: Style Me Pretty

Featured Above: Sweet Designs

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– Maggie