Trend Alert: Equestrian Extraordinaire

People tend to plan pretty far in advance for ways to best make their wedding day outshine all those other “regular” days in their lives by incorporating elements that speak to the bride and groom’s individual or combined background and/or hobbies. For many who were once talented, young equestrians, the desire to bring significance to their day of nuptials presents the perfect opportunity to leave a bit of themselves at the event to share with their guests – who they were growing up and the individual they’ve become today – by tying in the vocabulary of horseback-riding into decorations, or simply bringing in the creatures themselves!  Luckily, these long-faced gentle giants are quite good at being both aesthetically pleasing and intriguing, so you’ll have no problem achieving the aspirations of the “dream wedding”!

Featured Below: Rustic Wedding Chic


Deck up the reception party with a fresh outdoor garden aesthetic and garnish it with award ribbons to bring in the desired equestrian effect!

Featured Below: Southern Weddings

A perfect setting to capture adorable moments you wouldn’t get elsewhere!

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake


More delightfully romantic bride-and-groom moments, this time framed by none other than the gentle giants themselves!

Featured Below: Vogue Magazine

Featured Below: Glamour and Grace

Pair your flower girl up with a pony to match! How cute is that?

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Rusty horseshoe table settings offer just the right amount of countryside feels!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Perhaps even include custom fresh-cut hedges to match the theme!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Instead of the typical escort cards, give your guests a beautiful horseshoe souvenir with each of their names inscribed!

And if you would like equestrian-themed stationary to go with, we’d love to help you with designs! For more inspiration to best express yourself, be sure to follow The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Marryin’ at the Aquarium

Replete with marine life, aquariums fascinate and enthrall on a regular basis, and even more so as the setting of a wedding celebration! Extraordinary creatures of the sea glide about within glowing tanks, absolutely stunning to behold. “Finding Nemo” may have introduced them to us, but it takes truly standing in their presence in person to appreciate the power and beauty behind each stroke of the fin or thrust of the tail. Regardless, they’re still as delightful as depicted in the movies,  contributed to plenty of spectacular, sometimes whimsical memories captured on photo at these events. It’s too good of an opportunity to pass up!

Featured Below: Drew Newman Photographers

Tiny silhouettes seem to glow with the soft light radiating from the looming fish tank!

Featured Below: Studio1923

Seems like this Beluga whale has officially taken over as minister of the ceremony. Let’s hear those vows!

Featured Below: Christine O’Donnell

Who knew bright, fluorescent jellyfish could act as such a powerful framing device while providing a sense of pure serenity.

Featured Below: Cassie Claire

There’s also opportunity for hilarious photos with the whole entourage!

Featured Below: Stylist

Though reportedly deadly and venomous IRL, these graceful beasts can be frequently seen calmly gliding about in exhibiting tanks!

Featured Below: A Low Country Wedding

Now here’s a real gentle giant you don’t want to miss at the aquarium!

Featured Below: The Florida Aquarium

Whether to fill in as substitute ring-bearers, or to walk down the aisle with the bride and her bridesmaids, these penguins are thrilling additions to the party!

Featured Below: Flickr

Not a sea animal, per se, but definitely a part of the aquarium’s bottom-of-the-ocean experience! If you wave hello, who knows – it may just offer a friendly greeting back!

How would you like to capture some unique memories at your own wedding? Let The Dandelion Patch help you create the perfect under-the-sea-themed stationary set to match your own alluring aquatic experience! Simply call for an appointment, or connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Puppies Love Paper

All of us at The Dandelion Patch love fine paper and our pets. Since everyone needs a dose of cute in their life every now in then- I present a post full of puppies and paper (in various states.) Enjoy these adorable troublemakers!

The evolution of dog and paper in two photos.

Featured Above Left: Thinking Dog Blog – Above Right: Two Bostons – Below: Plays With Puppies

A birthday card that pokes fun at it’s inevitable demise.

A perfect pillow.

Featured Above: Read Metro – Below: Origami Instructions

A paper pup for your desk perhaps?

And last but not least, we leave you with a smiling pug pup.

Featured Below: Youtube

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