Steps For A Happy Work Space

One of the more enjoyable parts about work is knowing that you have your own little work space to go to. I’ll admit, we don’t always have the best spaces to work with. Which is why I’ve pulled together my favorite tips to help make the work space that you do have, a bit happier! Enjoy!

1. Bring the outdoors in! I have a feeling that most of us don’t have much to look at in our work space. Therefore, bringing in flowers or a plant from outside helps satisfy our need for nature. Plus, studies have shown that this is a way to keep people more levelheaded in the work environment.

Above Left: Pinterest – Above Right: The Every Girl – Featured Below: Un-observed

2. Have a board of some sort for pin-spiration. Any mementos that you collect or bits of inspiration that you find, keep them in front of you on a board. That way on the more difficult days, you’ll have your board to give you the extra push to get through!

Above Left: Glitter and Gold Blog – Above Right: Small Shop Studio

3. Add touches of your home. Whether that means bringing in your favorite vase, lamp, or picture, home accents are great to have in your work space! We’re not talking about turning your desk in to your living room now, but simple memories of home make spaces more comfortable to work in.

I know that having a comfortable work environment makes me happier to be at work. So I hope these quick steps can help do the same for you!