Spring Scout Guide

Almost every day this week I have had questions asked about Scout.  What is this bag used for? Where would you use this bag? Would this bag be okay for wet items? Could this bag fit 6 soccer balls and a set of juice boxes? Short answer….Yes, Scout has a bag for everyone and that could fit your need. Scout is one of the most durable and versatile brands of “carry it all” bags out there. Here are a few of my favorite examples.

Last but not definitely not least…by any means…”The four boys” in Notorious ZIG.  It would pretty much be easier to list what could NOT fit in this bag.  Growing up I had four very active brothers, and to be honest I think this bag could handle all that came with them.  It would have been a perfect addition to my mom’s sweet blue mini van, to just toss snacks, juice boxes, blankets, baseball gloves, soccer balls, coloring books, etc.

Scout has so many options, and we carry a number of them in our The Dandelion Patch stores. So I guess the only question now is…. which bag fits your lifestyle?

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All Scout products: http://www.bungalowco.com/

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