Recipe of the Week

 Today kicks off the beginning of the ACC basketball tournament, and I don’t know about y’all, but I could not be more excited! Growing up in North Carolina, basketball is a way of life. Families and friends will be setting up camp in front of the television for the next four days.

But whether you are a basketball fan or not, you must admit that game day food is some of the best around.  Here are a few recipes to add a little something to your next get together with friends or family.

 At our Wine Down night in Reston last month, Becca made this particular dip and it flew off the shelves.  I’m being serious, y’all, people were grabbing these quick so that they could make sure to get some.


This dip is a little lighter, would be good for those watching their waste lines.


Aren’t these the perfect platters for the big game? These platters from Magnolia Lane come in dozens of different schools, and they are all equally as cute as these.

Let me know what y’all think of the recipe this week! Drop by any of our store locations to pick up any of the items shown in todays post!

Catch y’all next time,