Ready, Set, Organize!

Now that August is finally here, school is just around the corner! Whether you’re heading back to classes or simply continuing in a career, keeping organized is an important skill to master. Maintaining a tidy desk, up-to-date planner/calendar, and labeled folders, will decrease your stress levels and increase your performance as we cruise into a new academic year!

Featured Below Left: Container Store Pippi Organizers


If you’re like me, your desk drawers are in major disarray. They essentially serve as a catch-all for anything and everything. Luckily, they make these handy dandy organizers at stores such as The Container Store that can neatly separate all your office and school supplies. For those on the thriftier side, utensil organizers can work as well as any little boxes (i.e. jewelry boxes) to keep a drawer tidy.


Featured Above Left: May Designs –  Featured Above Right: Bubbo on Etsy


I am absolutely obsessed with my planner. I use it to pencil in projects for work, hangouts with friends, and even my grocery list. I’m sure some of you may prefer to store this sort of stuff on your phone or computer, but nothing can beat a pretty planner (check out the patterns at May Designs)!

Wall Space

Personally, I like to have my desk space mostly clear. A way to accomplish this is to utilize your wall space. Vertical file folders like those shown on the upper right are an easy solution to remain clutter-free. Unconventional ways to store supplies include hanging them from a towel rack as shown above, or applying magnetic strips to mason jars so that they “stick” to the wall.