Patchette Promises

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Another year has come and gone. What will you do to make 2014 your best year yet? Check out some of our resolutions here at the Dandelion Patch for inspiration and create your own list to a happier you!

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Heidi, Chief Patchette

Resolution: In 2014, I resolve to strengthen my personal relationships with my staff, my industry, my friends and my family. Even though life can be hectic and there’s always a deadline looming, it’s the people that really matter at the end of the day. I expect plenty of laughs and lunches, happy hours and amusing adventures, and I certainly see many thank you notes in my future!

Resolution Solution: I believe that setting the goal is only half the battle- getting there is the other half. Lucky for me, I have an amazing accountability group that pushes and pulls each other towards the goals that we set forth. Using a shared google doc, a shared Evernote and weekly accountability calls work are some of the tools we use to keep us ‘honest’ and focused.

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Erica, Brand Manager

Resolution: To not drink any Diet Coke for the first month of 2014 and hopefully kick the habit for good!

Resolution Solution: When ordering a drink, get a water instead of a Diet Coke (or any other soda).

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Ali, Assistant Manager

Resolution: Be more conscious and aware of political issues that not only affect me, but others so that I can make informed decisions on social, economic, moral issues.

Resolution Solution: Watch the news daily as well as read news websites, not just republican or democrat affiliated sites, but everything to get an unbiased view. I can accomplish this if I make an effort to cut out one hour of skimming social media sites per day.

Leah, Cara and Laura, The Georgetown Store

Resolution: Be more detail oriented, carve out time each day to read, and stretch outside our comfort zones.

Resolution Solution: Move step-by-step, turn off the T.V., and make an effort to embrace new and different experiences.

Wishing you the best in 2014!