Patch it Yourself

Having recently moved into a new place, I have been seeking inspiration to make my fresh surroundings feel like home. If you’re like me, every relocation creates an opportunity to redesign your space. I find my style is constantly evolving and love the idea of starting over with a blank canvas! As a girl on a budget “starting over” generally means refurbishing what I already have, as well as discovering thrifty new ways to decorate my walls. And so, I found this neat idea that can create texture and dimension to your walls for mere pennies on the dollar!

1. Collect Your Supplies

For this project you will need (1) template from Billie Monster, (1) pair of scissors, (1) pencil, poster paper of desired pattern or color, and tacks or mounting tape to adhere flowers to the wall.

Featured Above: Paper wallflower template from Billie Monster blog

2. Cut and Trace

Print the template on your desired paper and cut out the shapes with scissors. For multiple flowers, the first cut-out can be used as a stencil to create endless amounts!

3. Roll and Smooth

Once all your flowers are cut out, use a pencil or similar object to roll the petals inward one by one. After rolling, use the pencil to smooth the petals outward to create the desired shape. (Great thing is, the flexibility of the paper will allow you to mold each flower as you would like!)

4. Adhere!

To stick the flowers to the wall you can either use tacks or mounting tape. I chose mounting tape since I’m renting and didn’t want to leave holes in the walls. However, the tacks do add a nice effect in the center of the flower! If you can find decorative tacks (like the bejewled kind), that would be twice as nice!

And there you have it! The flowers can be used just about anywhere you have space and in any color. They are available for retail in plastic for $20 from Umbra, but I created mine for just $4 and had the freedom to choose their shape, size and color.

Hope this was helpful for you DIY-ers on a budget!