Organizing A Clothing Closet

One of the easiest spaces to get cluttered in my place is definitely my closet. After all, I go through it every day, sometimes changing my mind on an outfit, and next thing I know it’s time to go with little time to put things back in the right place. So I’ve decided to make an list of tips for how to keep my clothing closet more organized. And I hope some of you will find one or two tips useful for yourself!

1. Clear it all out. Then make sure that you have the right storage for things. For example, make sure you have the right amount of bins for things like socks. And label bins that are for other types of storage. *Tip: Place hooks on the inside of the door. This is great for purses especially if you have a smaller closet with little shelf space to store them.

Featured Above: The 36th Avenue – Lower Left: Belle Maison Blog – Lower Right: Pinterest

2. Utilize shelves and separate. Shoes and bags are great for shelves. This way you can easily see them instead of having a pile at the bottom of your closet. Also, it’s easier to put something back in a closet if there is a certain place for it. Start by separating styles of tops and bottoms. Separate short sleeves, from long sleeves, from formal attire, etc.

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3. Keep similar colors together. This way if you’re in a hurry you’ll know where to throw that  pink shirt. I may let my closet get messy every once it in a while but I’ve been doing this for years and it is by far the easiest tip to keep up with!

I have this strange notion that if my closet organized it helps keep other parts of my day more organized. So I am super excited to put the first couple tips to better use. And I wish the best of luck to you and any future closet organization!