Oh My Monogram

Let’s get personal…ized. Nothing says “classic preppy” quite like a monogram. There’s something about wearing and decorating with your initials that tells the world “this is who I am and I’m pretty freaking proud to be me!” The great thing about monograms is that they truly are personal. Beyond your initials, you have options for lettering, borders, colors, sizes; so you have endless possibilities to find a combo that screams YOU!

Us Patchettes are obsessed with monograms and try to personalize anything within a 10-foot radius of ourselves. To show our love we curated a collection of our favorite monogrammed pieces to share with you.

Featured Above: The Dandelion Patch – Below Left: Style Me Pretty – Below Right: Mode the World

Featured Above: Vanessa Balli – Below Left: Prep to the Max – Below Right: Etsy

Featured Above: Pottery Barn Teen

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