Live, Love, Local.

This summer, support local farmers and head on down to get the freshest produce money can buy at your local farmer’s market! Whether you live in D.C. or California, most of us have a farmer’s market nearby if we take the time to look. Full of fresh picked fruits and vegetables, as well as breads, cheeses, and jams, you will be surprised how much of your grocery list you can check off with one visit. Follow me for tips on a successful trip to the market!

Featured Above: Local produce at a D.C. farmer’s market – Featured Below: King Street farmer’s market, Old Town Alexandria

First, determine what is in season. This can easily be done by doing an online search or by heading to Wisebread which provides a handy list. Write down a list in terms of the seasonal produce so you won’t be overwhelmed once you arrive. (There will be a lot to take in!)

As you get acquainted with your market, get to know the farmers at each stand. It helps to generate relationships with the growers so you can learn more about the produce you are buying (not to mention, score some extra bargains!).

If possible, bring reusable bags with you. Bags can be provided at the market, but it is always best to waste less!

Featured Above: Old Town Alexandria Farmer’s Market

Wishing you all a juicy summer filled with fresh fruits and veggies!