Keeping Your Wallet Neat

Keeping my wallet neat is something that I don’t typically think about. However I can’t stand it when I’m searching for a coupon or business card that I’ve stuck in some random pocket. So I’ve decided to make an outline for how to keep my wallet more neat. And I hope I’ll have some of you joining me in this organization adventure!

1. Start with the right size wallet. A way to determine this is to lay out what you must carry in your wallet on a typical day and make sure that your wallet is big enough to fit those items. My musts are: Driver’s License, Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash, Metro Card, Grocery Rewards Card, and my Starbucks Card .

Featured Above: A Bit Coquettish – Lower Left: Pinterest – Lower Right: Fallindesign

2. Use the right wallet for the right setting. It’s helpful for me to have two wallets. One that can fit in my day purse and one that I use when I am going out. *Tip: Use switching between the two as an opportunity to get rid of the built up junk in your wallet. Toss things like unnecessary receipts and expired coupons.

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3. Get a card divider. I’ve found that this helps me separate my necessary cards from my not-so-necessary cards. In my wallet I am able to keep my necessary cards in the main slots. And then I use a separate card holder like the one above, for the extras.

Again, keeping my wallet in tip-top organization is not something that I am very familiar with. But like any other organization attempt, I am sure it will take a few tries before I get it just right. However, I am determined to make it neat and keep it neat – and I hope you are too!