It’s the Little Things

I may or may not be slightly obsessed.  It’s true.  And recently more and more of our brides are requesting calligraphy – and I am LOVING it. But why is this something that you should consider?

Traditionally, calligraphy is used on the outer and inner envelopes of invitations. The font can range from the smaller and more controlled, to the larger and looser.  Isn’t this one above fun? Reason number one to use calligraphy – it makes a statement. Who wouldn’t be excited to receive something like this in the mail?

Several of our vendors, including Bella Figura (above), Smock and Elum, among others, offer calligraphy fonts.  You can also look into getting your calligrapher to create a personal font for you that the printers can then turn into a plate and print all of your invitations with. How fun!

Calligraphy can also be a really great addition to your actual event.  Reason number two to use calligraphy – it adds a personal touch. It can jazz up any menu, place card or program.

Love, love, love.  Reason number three to use calligraphy- it will set the tone for your event being such a special occasion.  We only get one big day (hopefully), so go big or go home!

If you decide to go with a calligrapher for addressing, make sure to contact them as soon as you place your order for invitations.  Calligraphers usually request that you schedule a day in which they will sit down and work on your addressing.

The Dandelion Patch does provide a calligraphy service! Feel free to come by the store at any time to ask about seeing our samples.  Even if you didn’t order your invitations through us – we would be happy to help you with this portion of your planning.

Catch y’all next time,