How To Have A Smoother Move

This past week I experienced a pretty significant milestone – moving in to my first grown-up apartment! Looking back, it went pretty smoothly… except the part when my cable appointment got pushed back oh, you know… four hours. All in all though, because I planned ahead of time, it made for an overall good transition. So below are a few of my tips that I definitely¬†recommend¬†giving a try if you or someone you know is taking the big leap in to their first place!

1. Plan weeks ahead! There are all sorts of already-made moving templates that give suggestions about what to do each week prior to moving. From setting up the movers to scheduling the internet and cable providers these templates have it all. Mostly it was super helpful because it made me think about what I needed to do, plenty ahead of time.

Featured Above: I Heart Nap Time – Lower Left: Pinterest –¬†Lower Right: Martha Stewart

2. Be sure to mark all of the boxes. Marking which room the boxes go in to is important. But more importantly, mark which boxes are fragile. The last thing you want is for something important to break and have an added stress that could have potentially been avoided.

Featured Above: I Heart Nap Time

3. Low on packing paper? Use the paper from old textbooks or outdated phone books. Definitely don’t skip on wrapping things though! Or else you might have to fork out more money later for damaged items.

Moving can definitely be stressful even if you think you have everything perfectly planned and ready to go. So my last bit of advice is to just stay calm and roll with the day to make the process a little more enjoyable. After all, moving is an exciting time where new adventures await (at least, that’s how I like to look at it)!