Patch Perfect Bows!

As the Christmas season begins, wrapping gifts will become a way of life for the next three weeks.  Learning how to tie the patch perfect bow will be a useful tip for all your present-wrapping paloozas!


Step 1: Tuck your right ribbon under the left ribbon.

Step 2: Pull your right ribbon up and the left ribbon down and pull tightly.

Step 3: Bend your bottom ribbon up to make your first bow loop and point the tail to the right of your package.

Step 4: Wrap your top ribbon around the first bow loop to create your bow middle.

Step 5: As you wrap your top ribbon around the first loop, bend it into your second loop and push it through the hole you’ve created.

Step 6: Pull your loops tightly into a perfect beautiful bow!

Final Step: Enjoy all your present creations!