Filing Your Mail

After a long day, the last thing that my brain wants to process or organize is the mail. So I made a quick list of ideas to help make sorting mail, well, a little more fun! Hopefully, I’ll put one or two of these to use – and that you might just do that too.

1. Bring out the filing shelves. Also, if you’re a visual person like me, it is super helpful to label the sides of them so you know exactly where to put certain types of mail!

Featured Above: L’amour Chez Nous – Lower Left: Micasarevista – Lower Right: Better Homes and Gardens

2. Keep it simple. Sometimes a simple sorting stand will suffice since it simply keeps the mail from piling up. Or, I love the idea of having an in and out divider of some sort! That way you can separate them immediately, simply, and later on can do a more thorough sort.

Featured Below: The Seaside Kids

3. Keep it together. One of the trickiest things about mail is that sometimes it just disappear. So keeping it contained and together is a great way to avoid losing any important mail. *Tip: Clothespins are excellent for keeping mail together. Plus you can write on them to sort the mail more specifically!

I am definitely excited about taking a few steps to keeping my mail more organized. And hopefully one of two of these are able to help you too. Happy Sorting!