Everything’s Coming Up Lilly

Nothing says “coastal prep” quite like Lilly Pulitzer. Her vibrant designs have been a staple of southern and east coast wardrobes for more than 50 years! It’s no surprise that all of us at The Dandelion Patch are Lilly fanatics–just check out our Instagram. Today we’ve decided to take our Lilly love to a whole new level and build our dream Pulitzer-inspired wedding, complete with plenty of pink and floral accents.

While we were putting together these images we learned a little bit more about our fashion idol. Use these fun facts to impress your sorority sisters at your next chapter reunion!

Featured Above: Inspired By This – Lower Left: Erica O’Brien Cakes – Lower Right: Inspired By This

1. Lilly first started selling her iconic shift dresses out of a juice stand in Palm Beach, Florida. She made her own brightly colored frocks to hide the stains from all the spilled juice, and her customers fell in love with her style!

2. Lilly Pulitzer, Inc. shut down operations in 1984 and was brought back to life in 1993 by popular demand.

Featured Above: Oh So Beautiful Paper – Lower Left: The Bride’s Cafe – Lower Right: Southern Living

3. Lilly’s first husband was the grandson of newspaper mogul Joseph Pulitzer. Yes, THAT Pulitzer. You go girl!

Featured Below: Southern Living

4. Jackie O wore a Lilly shift on the cover of LIFE magazine in 1962. Lilly became a household name overnight!

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