Everyday Etiquette : The Grocery Store

A couple of days ago, when the winter storm was on its way into the D.C. area, I made the mistake of going to the grocery store.  Lines to the back of the store, empty bread shelves and screaming children caused one large headache.  There are a few things that could make everyone’s trip to the store just a little easier.

Keep your cart close to you, recognize when people are trying to get around you, look around the corner before you move your cart into the next aisle. The aisle should have enough room for two carts to move down. If you see that someone is trying to look at product on the shelve behind your cart, offer to move it.

Have you ever heard someone tell you to never go to the grocery store hungry? Not only to you make better decisions about what you actually need, but it prevents you from opening up that granola bar early and bringing the wrapper to the register. Besides getting crumbs and wrapping all over the floor, you are constantly placing your hand near your mouth and then back onto the product in the store.

This has to be one of everyone’s frustrations.  It could be for various reasons – you are too busy reading the Cosmo on the shelf, you want to give the cashier exact change with pennies, or you realized halfway through checking out that you forgot something on your list.  Keep others in mind when checking out.

When checking out, some people have different ideas of who should bag their items.  Don’t assume that the cashier knows your preference if you want to bag your own purchases.  Also remember that it is a person that is checking you out, not a robot.  Take time to say hello and thank them for helping you check out.

Does anyone else have manners to mind in the grocery store?

Catch y’all next time,