completely smitten

Check out this invitation suite I found with this rustic feel! I’m totally smitten with it.
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Matching straws?! Get out of town! How lovely

I just love anything wrapped in twine with a matching label. It brings everything together so nicely.

I love this suite so much because I’m a huge fan of craft paper, and anything that gives that rustic vibe. ┬áThe roughness of the envelopes for the invitation and RSVP, coupled with the bright white of the invitation paper makes the invitation itself stand out so much more.
The invitation is simple, not too much design to it. Just the little leaves in the corners and around the date. Also, the fact that they have matching straws to go with the envelope line is to just die over. I love matching.

A new trend in wedding invitations is using more than three fonts. Using three or more fonts makes the wording be the  design element of the invitation. We all know how much I love fonts!

If you’re looking for a way to do something simple with invitations, I suggest using three or more fonts to use as the design element. Our employees are starting to love this design element too! We are hoping it becomes even more popular!