Bridesmaid Boot Camp: Bridal Shower Games

Welcome back to week three of Bridesmaid Boot Camp! This week we’re talking about bridal shower games. Games are a great way to introduce your guests to each other and make your celebration exciting and unforgettable. Some may find games a bit cheesy, but these three options are bound to be a good time for all of your guests, even the skeptics!

We recommend having two games: one shortly after people arrive and one right before the bride opens her gifts. The first gets people into a lighthearted mood and the second subtly grabs everyone’s attention so there is a smooth transition into gift opening. In between make sure your guests are noshing on all of the delicious treats you and your fellow bridesmaids slaved over!

Featured Above: 100 Layer Cake – Below Left: Wedding Party – Below Right: Bridal Musings

Playing Dress Up

Think you’re the next Vera Wang? Why not design the bride’s dream wedding dress? Divide your guests into teams of three or four and supply each with two rolls of toilet paper. The guests then have three minutes to wrap one teammate up in a couture gown. The bride then pulls out her best Tim Gunn impression and picks her favorite dress. She probably won’t wear it on her big day, but it’s the thought that counts!

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake

The Almost-Wed Game

A take on the classic game show, The Almost-Wed Game quizzes the bride on how her husband-to-be would answer some very important questions. Before the bridal shower ask her fiance a list of questions: Where was your first kiss with the bride? Who is her celebrity crush? What is your favorite thing about her? At the party, read aloud the questions and ask the bride to guess the groom’s answers. For every answer she gets wrong, make her put a marshmallow or piece of bubblegum in her mouth. What a photo op!

 Featured Below: Mason Jar Moments

Bridal Jeopardy! 

Quiz your guests on their knowledge of the bride and wedding trivia. Take a poster board and section it into a few categories like About the Bride, the Happy Couple, Rom Com’s and Love Songs. Write questions for each category on index cards and pin to the board. Follow the rules of Alex Trebek and let winning guests pick the next question until the board is empty. The winner of this one definitely deserves a prize for being such a smart cookie!

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