Bridesmaid Boot Camp: Bachelorette Parties

Welcome back to week four of Bridesmaid Boot Camp! This week we’re talking about bachelorette parties. The bride’s final fling before the ring is bound to be an incredibly fun night, but it requires a lot more planning than most people realize.

Before you start to figure out the details sit down with the bride and find out what exactly she wants for her bachelorette party. Does she want to keep it casual with just dinner and drinks with the girls or does she want a glamorous weekend getaway? Remember, there are no rules. A bachelorette party doesn’t have to be like an episode of Sex and the City if you don’t want it to be. This is about celebrating your friend’s last nights of single-dom. That can be a 6th-grade-style sleepover or a raucous evening of mischief or anything in between.

Listen to what real bridesmaids have to say about planning bachelorette parties!

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“I think the best bachelorette parties last 20 hours. That sounds weird but hear me out. You start around 4pm on a Saturday with some sort of fun activity: painting class, pole dancing lesson, winery tour. Then you head to the hotel suite you’ve gotten for the night and get ready together. After that you head to a family-style dinner and then out for drinks and debauchery. The next morning everyone goes to a trendy brunch with bottomless mimosas. You get the weekend getaway excitement without the weekend getaway price.”

Kelly S., Baltimore, MD

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“I once went to a bachelorette party that a photo scavenger hunt. Every girl had a list of pictures and videos to take throughout the night–things like get a guy to serenade you or give a stranger a tramp stamp. The next morning everyone showed off their pics and it was a riot!”

Jenny D., Richmond, VA

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“I love a good spa day, so a bachelorette party that incorporates some sort of pampering is right up my alley. Everyone can go get blowouts from Dry Bar before dinner or have someone come by and give mini facials for a girls night in.”

Jessica C., Herndon, VA

Check back next week for our final installment of Bridesmaid Boot Camp: writing the perfect Maid of Honor speech!

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