Braids, Buns, and Everything In Between


Above Left: BestDress2014 – Above Right: Pinterest


Sometimes it’s more about the hairpiece than the hair itself. Don’t be afraid to jazz up your do with a little embellishment or fresh flowers. Depending on your wedding style, this piece can add the flare that brings your whole look together.

Above Left: StyleMePretty – Above Right: WeddingWire

The Classic Bun

Whether high or low, the classic bun can fit any style and venue. For a more regal and elegant feel, the sock bun perched high on the head is a perfect choice. Hosting a more casual affair? Try a loose side bun that is more relaxed yet still sophisticated.

Above Left: StyleMePretty – Above Right: RyleeRice

Braids are a hot trend right now as well as very versatile. For a clean style, braids can be worked into an up-do. For a softer more romantic feel, a loose braid down the side is more suitable.

Above Left: StyleMePretty – Above Right: Pinterest

Want to wear your hair down on the big day? Try loose curls and a half-up half-down style or tight curls for a vintage look.

 Happy hair styling!