An Organized Bathroom

One of the easiest places that I’ve noticed can get messy, is a bathroom. When your in a rush you tend to think, “I’ll just put my hairbrush and toothpaste away later”. But how often do you actually put these little things away later? So I have compiled a quick list of tips. And once in place, shouldn’t take you any longer than a minute to have a more organized bathroom!

1. Separate what you have in to containers. Whether in baskets or mason jars, make sure you separate your q-tips from your make-up brushes and also have separate containers for them.

Above Left: Good Housekeeping- Above Right: Pinterest – Featured Below: Better Homes and Gardens

2. When short on drawers andĀ counter spaceĀ – use trays! *Tip: For nail polishes, paint a dab of the color itself on the brush lid. That way if a tray is too deep to see the color of the bottle, you won’t have to pull all of them out just to see which one you want to use.

Above Left and Right: Martha Stewart

3. Another alternative to minimal counter space is to invest in a freestanding shelf or cart (but remember – separate what you have and find a way to contain each group of items). And for those who have ample drawer space, use them! There are plenty of trays today that are meant to fit in your drawer. After all, how can a counter ever be cleaned if it is too cluttered with all of your bathroom nick-nacks?

Hope these tips help keep your life – or at least your bathroom, more organized! If anything, keep in mind that if you put things away (in a just minute) before you’re off for the day… over time you will find the clutter actually goes away!