4 Steps to Creating a Gorgeous Gallery Wall

Gallery walls instantly add a sense of sophistication and glamour to any home. While they may look like an intimidating undertaking, curating your own perfect gallery wall is a pretty easy project!

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1. Pick a space
Find the spot in your home or office where you want your gallery to be. This is going to be a major focal point so you want a large blank canvas. You can either use your gallery to emphasize a large feature like a sofa, desk, or bed, or you can use the gallery to liven up an empty space like a stairway, bathroom, or hallway.

2. Establish a “look”
In order for your gallery to have a nice flow, it needs to have a cohesive vision. This can be done by coming up with a color scheme or overarching theme. For a dramatic impact use only black and white artistic pieces. Create rustic charm by using a variety of wooden textures and finishes. Love to travel? Feature photos and keepsakes from your adventures. Once you have a clear vision you can move on to the fun part!

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3. Gather the perfect pieces
Take a look around your house. You probably already have plenty of beautiful pieces lying around. Family photos, concert posters, children’s artwork, and simple decor items are all great starting points for creating a gallery. Check out local gift shops for unique decor items or stop by a thrift store to find some diamonds in the rough. Remember, frames can be repainted to any color! Use the pictures in this post for a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

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4. Hang ’em up!
You’ve finally collected the perfect pieces and are ready to go. Congrats! For this step you’ll need wrapping or scrap paper, a pencil, tape, scissors, nails, and a hammer. Trace each frame onto your scrap paper and cut out the shape. Mark each shape with the location of where the nail will be placed. Once you have every shape cut and prepped, tape them onto the wall and play around with the layout. After you’ve found the perfect balance, go ahead and nail through the paper. Rip down the scraps and you’re ready to hang!

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