Your Home Office

Home is a place where you can wind down and relax. But of course there are those days when work has to comes from your home office. One of the best way for ideas to flourish anywhere is to have an organized and creative space. So below are some guidelines for a more organized home office. Let those fresh ideas be on there way!

1. Find containers, folders, or something of the like – that you enjoy looking at. Just because they are office supplies doesn’t mean that they can’t be cute. Secondly, make them functional. Separate your pencils, from your scissors, from your notepads, and so forth. *Tip: Use labels if you have a forgetful mind (which we all do at times) so you remember what each container is for.

Above Left: Miss Dixie Blogspot – Above Right: Better Home and Gardens – Featured Below: Mini Manor Blog

2. Have a quick paper spot. The easiest way to a suddenly cluttered desk is simply because papers pile up. So each day clear off your desk to this go-to spot. And at the end of the week take a little time to file away or throw out whatever collected here throughout the week.

Above Left: I Heart Organizing – Above Right: Lauren Conrad

3. So once you have your place for all your office items – don’t be afraid to bring out the color and patterns! The brain actually associates mood with color. *Tip: Want your home office to also give you more energy? Bring a little yellow in to your space!

Organizing will always take some time to get used to in the beginning. But use these tips and you will be right on track to a more fun and more organized home office (and life)!