Tuesday Trends: Wildflower Bouquets

All year we’ve been seeing a major trend in wedding florals–more unstructured bouquets featuring new natural elements alongside flowers. Autumn weddings are a perfect time to try out this wildflower trend as your bouquet will fit in perfectly with the changing seasons. 

This trend is often described as bouquets looking as though they have just been picked from the garden. 

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Fresh Picked

Just because the flowers give off a freshly picked sensation, the overall look can still appear to be extremely extravagant.

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Just because you are using wildflowers does not mean you cannot stick to one overall color theme. We love this purple bouquet!

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The great thing about this trend is that you can alter the flowers and the colors used to make it work during every season. 

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any season

This bouquet may be one of our favorites for fall! Such great, warm colors.

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We love how unique this bride’s bouquet is. Definitely one of a kind! 

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This freshly-picked look can still work if you focus on one type of flower!

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one flower

These bouquets are also a great addition to another one of our favorite trends right now–the bohemian wedding. 

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How stunning is this bouquet with all of its colors?!

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